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SB - Earth Science

Science Bowl Earth Science Questions

SA - What is the general name for the rising and falling of sea levels in response to the forces exerted by the Moon and Sun? TIDES
MC - Approximately what fraction of Earth's surface is covered by oceans: W). one-half X). two-thirds Y). seven-tenths Z). four-fifths Y). SEVEN-TENTHS
MC- The hydrologic cycle describes the circulation of Earth's: W). tides X). water Y). sediments Z). rocks X). WATER
SA - What is the name of the rock that makes up most of the ocean floor and volcanic ocean islands? BASALT
SA - Which of the Gas giant planets is closest to the Sun? JUPITER
SA - What are the 2 main factors causing the metamorphism of rocks? HEAT AND PRESSURE (IN ANY ORDER)
SA - Giving your answer as north, south, east, or west, a southerly wide blows FROM what direction? SOUTH
MC - Which of the following clouds have little vertical development: W). altostratus X). altocumulus Y). cirrus Z). nimbostratus Y). CIRRUS
MC - A weather forecast of 100% relative humidity suggests an increased possibility of: W). rain X). wind Y). rising temperature Z). drying conditions W). RAIN
SA - What is the name for all Great Circles that pass through the north and south poles? LONGITUDES ( ACCEPT: MERIDIANS)
SA - Based on size and location, which of the 2 basic types of glaciers dominates Greenland today? CONTINENTAL (ACCEPT: ICE SHEET)
MC- Which of the following fossils is the oldest: W). trilobite X). snake Y). petrified wood Z). megalodon tooth W). TRILOBITE
MC - Which of the following is the hottest region of planet Earth: W). the mantle X). the inner core Y). the outer core Z). the crust X). THE INNER CORE
MC- Which of the following is NOT a mineral W). quartz X). topaz Y). basalt Z). diamond Y). BASALT
MC- Which of the following is the BEST example of the chemical weathering of rock: W). cracking of rock by plant roots X). rain percolating through limestone Y). frost action Z). abrasion X). RAIN PERCOLATING THROUGH LIMESTONE
SA - What is the name of the "river" of high altitude wind over North America that marks the southern boundary between polar air to the north and warmer air to the south? POLAR JET STREAM (ACCEPT: JET STREAM)
MC - Which of the following is often the LEAST reliable property of a mineral that is used in mineral identification: W). magnetism X). specific gravity Y). color Z). cleavage Y). COLOR
MC- Which of the following terms best describes the streak of a mineral W). wavy X). tabular Y). translucent Z). brown Z). BROWN
SA- What molecular substance is believed to be the most basic requirement or signature for life to exist on a planet? WATER, (ACCEPT H2O)
SA- What planets are able to pass between the Earth and the Sun? MERCURY; VENUS
MC- Which of the following is a coastal morphology most characteristic of the west coast of the U.S. W). numerous estuaries X). depositional coast Y). extensive barrier islands Z). rocky coast with small spits and pocket beaches Z). ROCKY COAST WITH SMALL SPITS AND POCKET BEACHES
MC- Which of the following best describes how a sedimentary rock can form: W). compaction & cementation X). slow cooling & hardening of magma Y). fast cooling & hardening of magma Z). high temperature & pressure causing recrystalization W). COMPACTION AND CEMENTATION
MC- The greatest geophysical impacts from the movement of Earth's lithospheric plates are most often seen and felt in which of the following areas: W).@ the center of the plates X)@ the plate boundaries Y)evenly distributed throughout the entire plate X). PLATE BOUNDARIES
SA- What layer of Earth's interior contains over 60% of the Earth's mass and is composed of iron-and magnesium-rich silicates? MANTLE
MC- The best evidence for the model of Earth's interior comes from the study of: W). seismology X). paleontology Y). paleomagnetism Z). glaciology W). SEISMOLOGY
MC-Which of the following is TRUE of the Richter Scale: W).values are always given in whole numbers X). an earthquake measuring 5 has 50x more energy that an earthquake measuring 4 Y). it is based on a sale of 0-14 Z). it is base don logarithmic scale Z). IT IS BASED ON A LOGARITHMIC SCALE
MC- Most blizzards that strike the continental U.S. most directly originated in which of the following locations: W). the Gulf of Alaska X). the Gulf of Mexico Y). along the Gulf Stream Z). in the North Sea W). THE GULF OF ALASKA
SA- What terrestrial planet rotates in an opposite direction to the planet Earth? VENUS
MC- Which of the following terms best describes the cleavage of a mineral: W). silky X). brittle Y). perfect one way Z). sub-metallic Y). PERFECT ONE WAY
MC- Which of the following is a region of Earth's atmosphere where convection is most likely to take place: W) troposphere X). stratosphere Y). tropopause Z). thermosphere W). TROPOSPHERE
MC- Which of the following characteristics is most commonly associated with a tsunami wave as opposed to a normal ocean wave in the open ocean: W). period of 5 sec X). wavelength of 300 miles Y). speed of 50 miles per hour Z). motion of only the upper X). WAVELENGTH OF 300 MILES
MC- Which of the following is a true tidal wave: W). tsunami X). tidal bore Y). rip current Z). tidal range X). TIDAL BORE
MC- Streams running off the terminus of glaciers have a high bed load and easily erodible banks, typically forming which of the following types of stream patterns: W). meandering X). oxbow Y). braided Z). back swamp X). BRAIDED
MC- Which of the following is similar to a delta but forms when a steep mountain stream spreads out from a mountain canyon onto a flat, broad valley: W). alluvial fan X). levee Y). playa Z). flood plain W). ALLUVIAL FAN
MC- Which of the following most likely formed a U-shaped valley: W). glacial erosion X). mountain stream erosion Y). wind erosion Z). deforestation W). GLACIAL EROSION
MC- Which of the following gives glacial meltwater a quality which is commonly described as glacial milk: W). ice crystals in the water X). the abundance of trapped air Y). large amounts of suspended material Z). the abundance of cyanobacteria Y). LARGE AMOUNTS OF SUSPENDED MATERIAL
MC- Which of the following is made of microcrystalline quartz and is very hard and compact: W). gypsum X). chalk Y). limestone Z). chert Z). CHERT
MC- Which of the following is NOT true of geodes: W). they occur in sedimentary & certain volcanic rocks X). they look like ordinary rocks Y). their exterior is typically made of limestone Z). they are not found in the US Z). THEY ARE NOT FOUND IN THE U.S.
MC- Which of the following most likely made the trip from Europe to the New World possible for early sailors: W) the westerlies X) the trade winds Y) the doldrums Z) the jet stream X). THE TRADE WINDS
MC-Which of the following is a dark gray, low cloud associated with continuous falling rain: W) altocumulus X) stratocumulus Y) cumulus humilis Z) nimbostratus Z). NIMBOSTRATUS
MC- Which of the following is NOT generally characteristic of oceanic-continental plate boundaries: W) high mountain systems X) wide continental shelves Y) ocean trenches Z) earthquake prone areas X). WIDE CONTINENTAL SHELVES
MC- Which of the following is an example of an island arc collision zone: W) Japan X) Oregon Y) Maine Z) Chile and Peru W). JAPAN
SA- Name all the planets that appear to have phases like our Moon to Earthbound observers? MERCURY ; VENUS
MC- The greatest annual variation in the intensity of solar radiation on Earth throughout the year is in which of the following locations: W) tropics X) north of the Arctic Circle Y) south of the Antarctic Circle Z) temperate, middle latitude zone Z). TEMPERATE, MIDDLE LATITUDE ZONE
MC- Which of the following best describes how volcanic glass or obsidian is formed: W) magma cools rapidly&crystals do not form X) magma cools slowly& 1 large crystal is formed W). MAGMA COOLS RAPIDLY AND CRYSTALS DO NOT FORM
MC- The dominant component of most magma is: W) carbon X) sulfur dioxide Y) silicon dioxide Z) nitrogen Y). SILICON DIOXIDE
MC- Banded iron formations that are present in mountain ranges around the world formed during the Achaean Era as a direct result of the presence of: W) nitrogen X) oxygen Y) hydrogen Z) methane X). OXYGEN
MC- Which of the following is a carbonate mineral: W) halite X) fluorite Y) feldspar Z) dolomite Z). DOLOMITE
MC- Stratovolcanoes are typically found in which of the following locations: W) continents and volcanic arcs X) the abyssal plain Y) along basaltic plateaus Z) above hot spots in Earth’s crust W). CONTINENTS AND VOLCANIC ARCS
MC- Which of the following is NOT true of the troposphere: W)air is much dryer above X)troposphere is 78% nitrogen &21% oxygen Y)troposphere extends from the Earth’s surface up to an average of 27 miles Y). THE TROPOSPHERE EXTENDS FROM THE EARTH'S SURFACE UP TO AN AVERAGE OF 27 MILES
MC- Which of the following is a feature made by a continental glacier and NOT made by an alpine glacier: W) cirque X) hanging valley Y) truncated spur Z) drumlin Z). DRUMLIN
SA- What type of moraine forms along the valley walls of an alpine glacier? LATERAL (DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER MORAINE TYPE)
MC- The hard coral of coral reefs are primarily made of: W) basalt X) calcium carbonate Y) silicates Z) halite X). CALCIUM CARBONATE
MC-once conglomerate sedimentary rocks are formed, the most direct pathway in the formation of sediments is by which of the following: W)weathering&erosion X)compaction&cementation Y)cooling&crystallization Z)heat&pressure W). WEATHERING AND EROSION
MC- An igneous rock in which individual mineral grains or crystals are visible to the naked eye most likely was formed by which of the following processes: W) rapid cooling X) slow cooling Y) quenching Z) metamorphosis X). SLOW COOLING
SA- What type of boundary exists where plates are neither produced nor destroyed, an example of which is the San Andreas fault? TRANSFORM FAULT BOUNDARY (ACCEPT: TRANSFORM MARGIN OR TRANSFORM)
MC- Which of the following forms of winter precipitation is most likely to cause downed power lines and broken tree limbs: W) freezing rain X) sleet Y) snow Z) hail W). FREEZING RAIN
MC- Which of the following is NOT one of the 10 major cloud types: W) cirrus X) cirrocumulus Y) cirrostratus Z) cirronimbus Z). CIRRONIMBUS
MC-Which of the following is indicated by the following: “Front moves through New England Mon w/ a few showers. Chillier air moves in behind the front gradually changing to lake-effect snows, followed by clear skies on Tues” W) cold front X) warm front W). COLD FRONT
MC- Which of the following is CLOSEST to the estimate of how many million years ago the first bacteria appeared on Earth: W) 65 X) 280 Y) 1,500 Z) 3,800 Z) 3,800
MC- In which of the following climates are the WIDEST ANNUAL temperature variations or temperature ranges most likely to occur: W) continental polar X) moist tropical Y) tropical savanna Z) mid-latitude moist continental Z). MID-LATITUDE MOIST CONTINENTAL
MC- Which of the following is NOT true of the ozone layer: Y) in addition to chlorine, bromine is also responsible for combining with and breaking down the ozone molecule Z) holes in the ozone layer are produced by global warming Z). HOLES INT HE OZONE LAYER ARE PRODUCED BY GLOBAL WARMING
Which of the following is LEAST accurate: W)basalt is the fine-grained equivalent of gabbro X)any rock can be metamorphosed Y)the chemical composition of magma primarily determines its texture Z)a metamorphic rock produced from sandstone is quartzite Y). THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF MAGMA PRIMARILY DETERMINES ITS TEXTURE
SA-What term is used to describe the resistance of lava to flow as reflected by its gas content, temperature, and chemical composition? VISCOSITY
MC- Which of the following is a type of volcanic eruption that does not build up into the typical cone shape normally associated with volcanoes, even though it erupts huge volumes of fluid lava: W) composite X) fissure Y) Krakatoan Z) Strombolian X). FISSURE
MC- During which of the following months will the Sun rise exactly in the east to an observer at mid-northern latitudes: W) December X) March Y) June Z) September X). MARCH
MC- Which of the following is a phenomenon associated with extensive warming of the ocean in the tropical regions of the eastern Pacific: W) El Nino X) a Chinook Y) La Nina Z) the Ekman spiral W). EL NINO
MC- Which of the following is LEAST indicated by closely spaced isobars on a weather map: W) strong winds X) a steep gradient between high and low pressure areas Y) a frontal boundary Z) type of precipitation Z). TYPE OF PRECIPITATION
MC- Which of the following is NOT an example of typical Jurassic vegetation: W) flowering plants X) ferns Y) conifers Z) ginkgoes W). FLOWERING PLANTS
MC- Which Is TRUE: W) all tropical depressions form into tropical storms X) the Intertropical Convergence Zone is mostly located near the equator Y) most hurricanes originate along the equator Z) all hurricanes have a counterclockwise motion X). THE INTERTROPICAL CONVERGENCE ZONE IS MOSTLY LOCATED NEAR THE EQUATOR
MC- Meanders are typically associated with: W) turbulent rivers X) low-gradient streams Y) V-shaped valleys Z) alluvial fans X). LOW-GRADIENT STREAMS
SA- Of the 3 main parts of the continental margin, which one is considered the flooded part of the continent? CONTINENTAL SHELF (ACCEPT: SHELF)
MC- The presence of which of the following most clearly indicates that much of the U.S. was covered by shallow seas for millions of years: W) limestone X) breccia Y) basalt Z) coal W). LIMESTONE
MC- In which of the following locations would a preponderance of actively-produced pillow lavas be found: W) Mount Saint Helens X) mid-Atlantic ridge Y) Mount Vesuvius, Italy Z) Yellowstone Caldera X). MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
MC- Which of the following is NOT true: X) the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana has one of the highest rates of wetland loss in the U.S. Y) tide stations measure local sea levels Z) most of Earth’s groundwater comes from glacial meltwater Z). MOST OF EARTH'S GROUNDWATER COMES FROM GLACIAL MELTWATER
MC- The primary process in the mechanical weathering of rocks worldwide is: W) exfoliation X) abrasion Y) thermal expansion Z) thermal contraction X). ABRASION
MC- Which of the following is a greenhouse gas that primarily comes from landfills, coal mines, oil and natural gas operations, and agriculture: W) ozone X) sulfur dioxide Y) nitric oxide Z) methane Z). METHANE
MC- Mammoths and mastodons became extinct around the end of the: W) Cretaceous X) Jurassic Y) Triassic Z) Pleistocene Z). PLEISTOCENE
MC- The impact crater located beneath the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is implicated in causing an extinction event that happened between which periods: W)Permian&Triassic X)Cretaceous&Tertiary Y)Cambrian&Ordovician Z)Devonian&Carboniferous X). CRETACEOUS AND TERTIARY
SA- What is the name for the Era that began after the extinction event that occurred at the end of the Cretaceous Period? CENOZOIC
MC- Which of the following best explains the relative lack of hydrogen in our atmosphere in spite of its abundance in the Universe: X) most of it is consumed in photosynthesis Y) most of it escaped into space long ago because of its low mass Y) MOST OF IT ESCAPED INTO SPACE LONG AGO BECAUSE OF ITS LOW MASS
MC- Which of the following locations contains relatively young coasts that formed as a consequence of continental rifting: W) southern coasts of the Aleutian Islands X) Gulf of California Y) Hawaii Z) northeastern Japan X) GULF OF CALIFORNIA
MC- The Earth’s mantle is thought to be composed of which of the following: W) coal X) granite Y) slate Z) peridotite Z). PERIDOTITE
SA- Giving your answer in hours and minutes, how often will the entire tidal pattern on Earth be repeated? 24 HOURS AND 50 MINUTES
MC- Which of the following were NOT produced by the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980: W) lahar (read as: lah-HAR) flows X) pyroclastic flows Y) significant ashfall deposits Z) basic lava Z). BASIC LAVA
SA- All of the volcanoes of Hawaii belong to which one of the 3 basic types? SHIELD
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