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Midterm Review 1

Federal funds provided to states and localities Grants-in-Aid
How Americans acquire political attitudes and forms values and opinions about the political system Political socialization
Grants of money from the federal government to states for programs in certain general areas rather than for specific kinds of programs Block
A coherent set of values and beliefs about public policy Political ideology
Political theory of returning power to the states Devolution
A government-printed ballot of uniform size and shape to be cast in secret that was adopted in 1890 by many states to reduce fraud Australian
Federal grants for specific proposes defined by federal law. Usually require that the state put up matching money Categorical
A person who tries to influence government decisions on behalf of an interest group Lobbyist
Scrapped in 1987, it provided that the media air opposing opinions of the same issue Fairness Doctrine
An organization of people sharing a common goal that seeks to influence the making of public policy Interest group
A group set up by and representing a corporation, labor union, or special-interest group that raises and spends campaign contributions on behalf of one or more candidates or causes Political Action Committee or PAC
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