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uyon accept,accede
dawat accept,receive
paangay adapt
sagup adopt
angkon admit,claim
sogod begin
luib betray
pa-ak bite
bukal boil
buak broken
bugto break,disconnect,snap
bali breaken,fractured
tukod build,construct
ugbok build,erect,stick
bangga bump
sunog burn,fire
paig burn,char
pagod burn,burnt
ugdaw burndown
paso burn,scald
lapnos burn,scald
palit buy
tawag call
dala carry
ilad cheat
usap chew
luto cook
ubo cough
hilak cry
sayaw dance
panas delete
pakita demonstrate
halad devote,dedicate
supak disagree
diligusto dislike
buhatan do,deed
himo do
draw draw
damgo dream
inom drink
kaon eat
pasabot explain
gibati feel,ailing
human finish
prito fry
kuha get
hatag give
naghatag giving
dungog hear
gunit hold
gakos hug
imagina imagine
binu-ang joke
lukso jump
sipa kick
patyon kill
halok kiss
katawa laugh
bakak lie
gusto like
minaw listen
himo make
jerjer makelove(slang)
tando nod
pili pick,choose
punit pickup
bira pull
do-ot push,jam
tulod push,thrust
basa read
dawat receive
subga roast
dagan run
sulti say
padala send
uyog shake
singgit shout
kanta sing
sagpa slap
tulog sleep
katawa smile,laughter
pahiyom smile
at-se sneeze
sik-ma snore
sagpa spank
sulti speak
spelling-ga spell
puga squeeze,extract
lubag squeeze,wring
tindak stamp,kick
undak stomp,stress
tindog stand
tutok stare
sogod start
kawat steal
hunong stop
toon swallow
singgot sweat
silhig sweep
langoy swim
dawata take
istorya talk
tilaw taste
huna-huna think
labay throw,passby
itsa throw,toss
tandog touch
hikap touch,feel
salapid twist,braid
biyo twist,twirl
kasabot understand
pagmata wake
lakaw walk
gusto want
hugaw dirty
waswas rinse
tan-aw watch
hagaw-haw whisper
sulat write
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