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2017 2nd Semester

Final Exam study guide

Recognized Catholicism as the official religion in France and allowed Protestants to worship freely. Edict of Nantes
The English established their first permanent colony in the Americas at _. Jamestown
The greatest supporter of militant Catholicism in the second half of the 16th century Philip II
Ships sailing from Europe to Africa, to the Americas, and then back to Europe, while exchanging goods, slaves, and raw materials Triangular Trade Route
Contributed to the explorers' ability to survive longer voyages compass, better maps, astrolabe
conquistadors destroyed the _ and _ civilizations Aztec and Inca
Which were plants brought from the new world to the old world? cacoa and potatoes
During the 1400s, advances in shipbuilding were incorporated into the design of _. Caravels
First Europeans to explore the Atlantic for new routes to obtain spices and gold were the Portuguese
Dangers of overland trade, eagerness to amass fortunes, and desire to spread Christianity reasons Europeans looked to the sea as an alternate trade route
The compass was invented by the _ Chinese
more bullion equals more wealth mercantilism
The civil war in England was between Charles I and Parliament, each supported by _ and _ respectively. cavaliers and roundheads
Peter the Great wanted to ? westernize Russia
The Thirty Years War involved the major European powers of _, _, and _. France, Spain, and Germany
The conquistador that conquered the Aztec Cortes
The genre of music that grew out of field songs and spirituals blues
The Sun-King, _, is considered the best example of an absolute monarch. Louis XIV
Nobility of Russia who served as officers in the military Junkers
Expanded the Russian Empire, favored the landed nobility, and expanded serfdom Catherine the Great
Peter the Great's "open window to the west" St. Petersburg
fleet of warships armada
During Elizabeth I's reign, England became the most powerful _ nation in Europe. Protestant
The journey that slaves had to endure between Africa and the Americas Middle Passage
Two of the most important Enlightened Despots Joseph II and Maria TheresaTh
The U.S. Constitution created a _, which divided power between national and state governments. federal republic
The idea of separation pof powers in the Constitution was borrowed from Enlightenment thinker _. Montesquieu
The British imposed taxes on all printed materials Stamp Act
Men and women of the Enlightenment were no longer held back by tradition they defined the world in their own way, using _ as their basis reason
It celebrates the beginning of the revolution that overthrew the French monarchy in 1789. Bastille Day
Economic changes resulting from the mechanization of productive processes. industrialism
In general, the _ led to increased flexibility in the European social structure. Industrial Revolution
_ resulted from the following factors: a lust for power, expanded markets, and religious fervor and feeling of superiority. Imperialism
The main idea behind _ was to give the imperialists control over the conquered territory. imperialism
His concept of the "social contract" greatly influenced the Declaration of Independence. John Locke
A new weapon of WWI that made trench warfare necessary. machine gun
Robespierre's execution marked the end of the ? Reign of Terror
Supporters of Adam Smith's idea of _ favored a reduction in government interference in the economy laissez-faire
Political genius who led France to European domination in the 19th century. Napoleon
Devotion to the interests of one's own country nationalism
In Latin America, a strong leader who led by military force caudillo
Ignored in the Declaration of the Rights of Man women
Overthrew the Directory in a coup d'etat, and became ruler of France Napoleon
Notre Dame was renamed the Temple of Reason, the guillotine was used, and a new calendar was developed, during the _. Reign of Terror
Karl Marx argued that history was advanced by the conflict between _... classes
The novels of _ often depicted the deplorable conditions of the poor Charles Dickens
The _ was the U.S. policy guaranteeing the independence of Latin American nations and a warning against European imperialism there. Monroe Doctrine
The glorification of armed strength militarism
American Henry Ford was the first person to use the _ in a successful way to benefit the people. assembly line
Most important political work of the 19th century, written by Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto
A political organization that consists of one nationality. nation-state
Industry that spurred the introduction of the factory system. textile
The Nazis decided to exterminate Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and others because these people were considered what? undesirable elements
What event touched off the "Power Keg" of the Balkans? assassination of Francis Ferdinand
How Czar Nicholas left the throne of Russia abdication
All of Hitler's extermination camps used for his Final Solution, were located in _. Poland
The Bolsheviks wanted to eliminate _ because they wanted the state to be the only institution to unify the people. religion
What type of government style aims to rule through broad control? Totalitarian State
A group of Japanese militarists invaded _ in 1931 without the approval of the Japanese government. Manchuria
What document stated Britain's intention to make Palestine the national home of the Jews? Balfour Declaration
Led the People's Liberation Army on the Long March? Mao Zedong
At what conference did the "Big Three" powers agree to divide Germany into zones and have Germany pay USSR reparations, that Stalin would join the war effort against Japan, and there would be free elections in Eastern Europe? Yalta Conference
A special force charged with the task of rounding up and killing Jews Einsatzgruppen
Hitler inaccurately associated the concept of the Aryan race with what groups? Scandinavians, Germans, ancient Greeks and Romans
Title adopted by Mussolini when he became dictator Il Duce
Leader of the Bolsheviks, radical socialists in Russia during the early 1900s Lenin
FDR and the USA responded to the Great Depression by forming the _. New Deal
Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are all examples of countries involved in the _ theory. Domino Theory
Who led the Cuban Revolution? Fidel Castro
Who were the two super powers that were established after WWII? United States and USSR
A union established in Poland Solidarity
Victory over Japan in WWII was finally achieved as a result of what event? Dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Japanese pilots who flew suicide missions kamikazes
Which is an example of long arm terrorism? 9/11 attacks
Purpose of the U.N. Prevent war
At his peak, Hitler was considered a _ political genius
According to Stalin, "_" solves all problems. death
_ is granting an enemy concessions to maintain peace. appeasement
According to Winston Churchill, an "_ _" had fallen across Europe. Iron Curtain
President of the United States that signed the Civil Rights Act Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)
Promoted ethnic cleansing in the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. He was later tried for his crimes against humanity. Slobodan Milosevic
The Warsaw Pact was created as a military alliance between the USSR and Eastern Bloc nations
After the war between Bosnia and Serbia, new tensions arose when Serbia refused to allow _ to continue to exist as an autonomous province. Kosovo
What war started directly after WWII ended? Cold War
Which battle showed the defiance and character of the British people, in which their morale never faltered? Battle of Britain
Which Pacific battle turned the tide of WWII in the favor of the USA? Battle of Midway Island
Leader of the Communist party in China from 1920s through the 1970s. Mao Zedong
In the early 1970s a brutal revolutionary communist regime under the dictator _, leader of the Khmer Rouge, massacred more than a million Cambodians. Pol Pot
In 2000, _ was elected president of Russia, and he continued a brutal attack on Chechnya and also launched reforms to boost the economy in Russia. Vladimir Putin
During the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1973, _ announced large increases in the price of oil production, which led to oil shortages and serious economic problems in the USA and Europe. OPEC
Nations that sent airplanes carrying supplies to the people of Berlin for 15 months during the Berlin Airlift. Britain and the United States
Intifada is the militant movement that arose during the 1980s among supporters of the _ living in Israel. PLO
If one country falls to communism, neighboring countries will also fall. Domino Theory
The study of the relationships between living things and their environment. ecology
In 1962 the Soviets began to place nuclear weapons in Cuba, creating the _ Cuban Missile Crisis
Demonstrations in Tianamen Square in 1989 were cruelly crushed, and several students from _ were killed; the idea of democracy in _ ended. Beijing and China
Gorbachev's plan to reform the USSR by restructuring the economy was known as _. perestroika
Apartheid is the system of racial segregation in _ from the 1950s until 1991. South Africa
Who led the Shanghai Massacre against the Communists? Chiang Kai-Shek
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