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Bible - Exam

Angels are mentioned in how many books of the Bible? 34 books
How many times are Angels mentioned in the Bible? 273 times
What are Angels origin? They were created by God
What are they referred to in the Bible as? Sons of God
God not making new what? Angles
Angels do not what? (Hint it is Not Die.) reproduce
Angels do not what? die
Angels are not a race but a what? Company
Angels were made to do what? Glorify God
Why do Angels remain invisible? So we don't worship them
What are the 3 personality traits? (1). Intelligent Dan 9:21-22 (2). They have a will Iza 14:12-15 (3). In motion Job 38:7 Peter 1:12
Angels are superior to man because they are what? stronger, swifter, smarter
Angels are unbound by What? The laws of gravity and time
Angles are not what? omnipresent
The Angel in Daniel's time was experiencing what? Satanic pressure
Angles are omniscient and do not know when... Christ is coming back
Man has been made in God's image with a his (1)________ personality
The statement they where able not to sin means what? they had a choice not to sin
The statement "they became able not to sin" means what? They cant sin
3/4 of the angels fell with who? Saton
Faithful angels are referred to as what? Holy or elect
What are fallen angels called? demons
What does the name Michal mean? "Who is like God?"
What did satan want to be like? God
Michal helped a lesser what get a what to who? angel, answer, Danial
Michael will stand up for what country during the what? Israel, Tribulation
Satan fights who over the body of who? Mosus
Gabriel is mentioned how many times in the Bible? 17
Who predicts the birth of Jesus? Luke 1:26 Gabriel
Gabriel sounds the trumpet at the what? rapture
Who warns Joseph of the death of Harried? Gabriel
Who does Gabriel assure that Mary is pure? Joseph
Who does Gabriel also predict the birth of? (hint it is not Jesus) John The Baptist Luke 1:19
A cherubim has 4 what? Faces
Front face? Man
Back face? Eagle
Right face? Lion
Left face? Ox
Cherubim has 2 pairs of what? Wings (or commonly known as Chicken Wings LOL ;-P)
Who's feet are like calves hooves? Cherubim
How many hands do they have? 4
They travel in groups of? 4
How do they turn? They don't even have to move their bodies (picture it LOL ;-P)
Bibliology is the study of what? The Bible
Who kept Adam from the tree of life? Cherubim
How many and where are the Cherubim located on the Arc? Two are on the top
Who was the chief cherubim? Lucifer
What does Seraphim mean? Burning One
What does Doctrine mean? Teaching
What does Inspiration mean? God-Breathed
How many men wrote the Bible? 40
Plenary means what? Fully Inspired
What is not an athlete who plays sports? Inspiration
What does the word "Scripture" mean in 2 Tim 3:16? Graphe (meaning actual writings)
Why is the Word of God different from any other book? It is inspired and is eternal.
God's Word did not ______________. Originate
Who wrote God's word? A special group of men that God set apart with set personalities. But God inspired them.
How did God inspire the set group of men to write the Bible? He inspired them write things that they did not know or understand that human nature would ignore or minimize. Being an eye-witness is not sufficient.
What three men did God set apart from the womb? Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul
In what four ways were the writers of the Scriptures different? 1. Teachers 2. Preachers 3. Leaders 4, Musicians
Who wrote Genesis? Moses
Were the writers of the Bible eye-witnesses? No, Not all the writers saw what they wrote about.
Who touched the Arc? Uzzah
What are four NON-Scriptural views of inspiration? 1. Natural 2. Partial 3. Conceptual 4. Encounter-Theory
The Bible does not "CONTAIN" the Word of God, it IS the Word of God. True
Describe the Seraphim. 1. They are only mentioned once in the Bible. 2. They have 6 wings 3. They cry, "Holy, Holy, Holy." 4. Their praise shakes Heaven's Temple 5. They are not like Cherubim and are NOT guarding Angels
Who saw the Seraphim and was convicted of his sin? Isaiah
What are Ruling Angels? Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions
What are ministers? They do religious duties and spiritual services
What are hosts? Military Service
What are watchers? Supervisors and Angels
What are chariots? references their swiftness
What are Son's of the Mighty? Shows their strength and power.
What does Holy-Ones mean? Set apart for God's will.
What does Stars demonstrate? shows their number and brightness?
What are Evil Angels? (Hint they are not demons. It is what do they do?) They rule over the nations of the world.
What was the name of the angel that headed a large group of evil spirits? Legion
Who is in charge of the Bottomless Pit? Apolion
Who will lead an army of 2 millions? four angels
Do fallen angels have names? yes
Do fallen angels have intelligence? yes
What is the future of fallen angels and do they know it? damnation - yes
Do fallen angels know the saved from the unsaved? yes
What do fallen angels experience? fear
Who do fallen angels despise? God
What do fallen angels possess? Great strength
What afflictions do evil angels bring? 1. Epilepsy 2. Personal-injuries 3. Insanity 4. Immortality 5. Physical defects 6. blindness 7. Suicidal thoughts 8. Mutants 9. Death
What is the Encounter Theory? The Bible is the word if you encounter a blessing.
What is 2 Timothy 3:16? "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."
Created by: Landon Olha