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chapter 29 test

BJU Chapter 29 American Republic

Election of 2000 showed that the Americans were divided or united? divided
James Jeffords Republican senate who later became independent giving the Democrats control over the senate
Who won the election of 2000? George W. Bush
Who lost in the election of 2000? Al Gore
Which state did the presidential election of 2000 hang? Florida
compassionate conservatism Bush's policy that is a means of working with religious organizations to fight urban problems
date that defined George W. Bush's presidency September 11, 2001
Taliban radical Muslim government in Afghanistan that the U.S. over threw
Osama bin Laden wealthy Muslim leader of the al-Qaeda
types of people the al-Qaeda attracted educated and wealthy Muslims who shared hatred for the west
Bush called the War on Terror what? first war of the twenty-first century
new cabinet level as a result of the terrorist attacks Office of Homeland Security
Tom Ridge first secretary head of the Office of Homeland Security
Patriot Act made it easier for the U.S. government to fight internal terrorist attacks
Saddam Hussein Iraqi dictator removed from power by the U.S. troops and tried and hanged for war crimes against his own people.
issue that shaped the 2004 presidential election National Security
John Kerry political candidate (who lost the election) tried defending his position on the Iraq war by saying, "I was for the war before I voted against it."
Abu Ghraib infamous prison that was the sight of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners during the Iraq war
Alberto Gonzales first Hispanic Attorney General
two highest ethnic groups to immigrate to the U.S. during the early 2000s Hispanics and Asians
negatives in the increase diversity in American society changes in cultures, increase in crime, illegal status
positives in the increase diversity in American society population, share of knowledge, more work, multicultural heritage
Rosa Parks 'First lady of the civil rights movement" who died in 2005
Bush administration included large representation of what conservative group? Evangelical Christians
John Ashcroft head of the Attorney General when the terrorists attacked America
Condoleeza Rice Bush's National Security Advisor and later his Secretary of State
When Bush took office after Clinton how was the economy? slow
tax discriminatory feature Bush's plan abolished marriage penalties
Enron biggest corporate bankruptcy to occur in U.S. history in 2001
two largest companies in America in 2006 Walmart and Exxon Mobile
John Roberts replaced Sandra O'Connor on the supreme court and then became Chief Justice when William Rehnquist died
Hurricane Charley first hurricane to strike southwest Florida in nearly 40 years
What caused most deaths during Hurricane Katrina? flooding
Federal Emergency Management Administration federal agency that received much criticism for its failure to respond during Hurricane Katrina
What businesses were built faster than homes in Biloxi, Mississippi, after Hurricane Katrina casinos
Created by: chermor