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terms and Q/A

volunteer suicide missions by the Japanese kamikaze
mass destruction of the Jewish people based on racial grounds is an example of genocide
as people retreat, in battle, they destroy everything that could be used scorched earth policy (tactics)
authorized the US President to lend war equipment in any country whose defense he deemed vital to out national security Lend-Lease Act
a series of air raids on London Blitz
"Lightening War", a swift surprise German offensive Blitzkrieg
granting concessions to maintain peace appeasement
deliberate killing of a racial, political, or cultural group genocide
resistance fighters in Italy partisan
Day of attack D-Day
measures designed to stop trade and other economic contacts sanction
what is needed to defend common interests against an enemy collective security
Explain why Operation Overlord has been called unmatched in history No other military mission has been as carefully planned and large as Operation Overlord
How did WWII turn into a large scale global conflict? Hitler invaded the USSR and the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor
Why did Chamberlain step down as British Minister in 1940? the invasion of Denmark and Norway proved appeasement had failed and he lost support of all 3 political parties in Britain
the last Axis power to surrender was Japan
the policy of 'appeasing' Hitler was advocated by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
Hitler's "New Order" was to do all of the following unite all of Europe under Hitler to govern all of Europe from Berlin to use the USSR for food, oil, and 'living space'
The sinking of the "Bismarck" was a key allied victory in the battle for control of the Atlantic Ocean
What battle ended Japanese naval superiority in the Pacific in June 1942? Midway
Where were the trails for crimes against humanity held, after the war? Nuremberg
Victory over Japan was finally achieved as a result of what event? the dropping of Atomic Bombs on 2 Japanese cities
By occupying Norway and Denmark, Germany achieved access to the Atlantic Ocean
What action revived the West's suspicions of Soviet intentions in Eastern Europe Soviet refusal to aid the Polish resistance
The _________ victory at the city of Stalingrad was a major turning point on the Eastern Front. Soviet
the Nazi's decided to exterminate what groups of people because they were considered "undesirable elements" Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals, Poles, and Russians
During the attack on ___________, the Germans were no match for the harsh winter. the USSR
The British counter attack to intercept German plans became known as the Battle of Britain
Hitler wanted to conquer ____________ for all of these reasons: oil from the Caucasus region, to use the Ukrainian whet as a food supply, and to have 'living space' for the German people.
Mussolini invaded _________ to enhance Italy's image as a world power Ethiopia
the fortified defense line built to prevent a German invasion of France was known as the Maginot Line
to continue its expansionist plans in the Pacific, without US interference, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
Hitler believed in uniting the German speaking people of Europe, so he took the following areas: Austria and the Sudetenland
The Japanese attack on Pearly Harbor made the ___________ join the war USA
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