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Getting Around

Bisaya 9

here diri, dinhi, diria
there didto, dinha
left wala
right too
straight on diretso
back luyo, mobalik
near duol
far layo
stop para
turn off moliko, liko
airport erport
beach baybayon
bus bus
car kotse, sakyanan
city, town siyudad, lungsod
village baryo
ship barka
map mapa
meter (taxi) sugod sa taksi
motorcycle motor
taxi taksi
bank bangko
money kwarta
money exchange kambyohanan ug kwarta
all tanan
broken guba
cheap barato
expensive mahal
too expensive kamahal, mahal kayo
many daghan
more gamay pa
new (things) bag-o, bago
old daan
open abli, abri
closed gisarado
big dako
small gamay
store (shop) tindahan, palitanan
internet cafe internet café
how much is this? (touch) tagpila na?
how much is that? (point) tagpila kana?
how much is one kilo? tagpila ang usa ka kilo?
I’d like to pay mobayad na ako
Created by: dave_d00