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Bisaya 8

apple mansanas
banana saging
bread tinapay, pan
chicken manok
coffee kape
egg itlog
fried egg pritlong itlog
soft-boiled egg malasadong itlog
fish isda
grouper lapu-lapu
milkfish bangus
tuna tulingan
marlin, swordfish malasugi
mackerel tanguingue
squid nokos
garlic ahos
jackfruit nangka
mango mangga
meat karne
beef karneng baka
pork karneng baboy
milk gatas
noodles pancit
onion sibuyas
orange kahil
papaya kapayas, papaya
peanut mani
pineapple pinya
potatoes patatas
rice (cooked) kan-on
shrimp lokon, ulang, hipon
sweet potato kamote
salad salad
salt asin
soup sabaw
soy sauce toyo
sugar asukar
tea tsa
tomato kamatis
vegetables utan, gulay
vinegar suka
watermelon milon
cold bugnaw
hot, warm init
delicious lami
fried gisado, pinirito
grilled tinapan, sinugba
marinated lilawin, kinilaw
salty parat
sour aslum
spicy halang
spoiled panos
sweet tamis
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