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Common Assessment 6

A general rise in the standard of living was a long-term result of the _ _. Industrial Revolution
Who despised capitalism because he believed it created prosperity for a few and poverty for many? Karl Marx
The first factories developed in what industry? textiles
What event spurred Simon Bolivar and his followers to begin the struggle for independence? Napoleon's occupation of Spain
What form of government did the National Assembly create with the Constitution of 1791? limited monarchy
What war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon? scorched-earth policy
The only country to remain outside Napoleon's European empire was Great Britain
The National Assembly was one important result of the Estates General
The idea of separation of powers in the Constitution was borrowed from Enlightenment thinker Montesquieu
A federal republic divides power between what two entities? state and national governments
The Indian National Congress was formed to push for Indian self-rule
The purpose of the _ _ _ was to protect U.S. trading rights in China Open Door Policy
When Italy unified, what form of government did it take? a constitutional monarchy
In Bismarck's practice of Realpolitik, his political actions were guided by the needs of the state
Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo were writers of what movement? Realism
The Bessemer process was a method for producing _. steel
An artist of the mid-1800s who portrayed the harsh lives of slum dwellers was probably using what artistic style? realism
Romanticism can be described as a revolt against the Enlightenment's emphasis on reason
A production method in which workers repeatedly perform one task in the manufacturing process is called the assembly line
Which group established communities where all work is shared and all property is owned in common? Utopians
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