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Yr 7 History

Becket Archbishop and martyr
Henry II King who fell out with Becket
Fallow A field with no crops
Wheat and barley Two key crops
Glebe Priest's land
Strips Fields were divided into these
Demesne The Lord's land
Church courts Clergy were tried in these
Harald Hardrada King of Norway
Edward the Confessor King who dies without an heir
William of Normandy 3rd King to rule England in 1066
Harold Godwinson Became king after Edward the Confessor
Edgar Aethling Did not become king as he was too young
Commons Land that could be used by all for grazing, firewood etc
Mill, oven, cart Things that villagers might pay to use
Tithe Tax paid to the Church
Harrying of the North William laid waste to the areas that had opposed him
Created by: Mr Lovell