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Terms/People & Q/A

militarism glorification of armed strength
armistice agreement to stop fighting until a treaty can be drawn up
14 Point Plan President Wilson's plan for the allied aims to end the war
propaganda ideas, facts, or rumors spread to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause
war of attrition slow wearing down process in which each side tries to outlast the other
atrocity brutal war crime
mobilize to organize a nations resources for combat
mandate area to be administered by the government of an advanced nation
belligerent a warring nation
economic sanction refusal to trade with an offending nation
contraband war materials supplied by a neutral nation to a warring nation
reparations payment for war damages
c,e,b,a,d put the following in the correct order: a. Versailles Treaty b. defeat of the Central Powers c. first Russian Revolution d. League of Nations e. 14 point plan
e, b, d, c, a put the following in the correct order: a. Gt Britain declares war on Germany b. development of the Triple Entente c. Germany declares war on Russia d. assassination at Sarajevo e. development of the Triple Alliance
the fall of the Romanov Dynasty An immediate result of the First Russian Revolution was
Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire Who were the primary belligerents of WWI, in the Central Powers?
France, Gt. Britain, Russia, USA Who were the primary belligerents of WWI, in the Allies
a stalemate What is a war of attrition?
Balkans What area of Europe was known as the "powder keg"?
system of alliances, imperialism, militarism, and nationalism List the 4 factors that led into WWI
Machine gun What was the new weapon that made trench warfare necessary?
Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy Who were the members of the Triple Alliance?
France, Gt. Britain, and Russia Who were the members of the Triple Entente?
VI Lenin Who was the leader of the Second Russian Revolution?
Francis Ferdinand Who was assassinated, that started WWI?
bolsheviks who were the radical socialists
Wilhelm II who abdicated his position in Germany before the end of the war?
Germany was violating Belgium's guarantee of neutrality Why did Gt. Britain declare war on the Germany, after the Germans marched through Belgium?
USA What major nation never joined the League of Nations?
Overseas colonies, Saar Valley Coal Mines, the right to conscription, the reserve army, the manufacture of heavy artillery, money, property in Europe Name 5 things that Germany lost under the Treaty of Versailles.
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