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cephalothorax region of a crustacean formed by the fusion of the head with the thorax
thorax body part of a crustacean that lies just behind the head and houses most of the internal organs
abdomen posterior part of an arthropod's body
carapace in crustaceans, the part of the exoskeleton that covers the cephalothorax; in turtles and tortoises, the dorsal part of the shel
mandible mouthpart adapted for biting and grinding food
cheliped one of the first pair of legs of decapods
swimmerets flipperlike appendages used by decapods for swimming
chelicerae pair of mouthparts in chelicerates that contain fangs and are used to stab and paralyze prey
pedipalps pair of mouthparts in chelicerates that are usually modified to grab prey
spinneret organ in spiders that contains silk glands
arthropod phylum of crustaceans
malacostraca class of crayfish
arachnid class for spiders
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