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Where did the name golf originate? Scotland in the early 14th century
When was the USGA established? 1894, today there are 23 million golfers in the US
What is the objective? To use as few strokes as possible to hit the ball into a series of holes on the course.
Golf Courses
Regulation Golf 18 different holes
What does each hole have? Tee Box, fairway, and a green and a par of 3, 4, or 5
How is par determined? By the length and design of a hole and is always the number of shots it should take a golfer to put in the holes.
What is a goal of the golfer? To try and get the ball in the hole in as few tries as possible.
Birdie 1 under par
Eagle 2 under par
Ace Make it in one shot on a par with 3
Bogey 1 over par
First rule: Stand a safe distance behind and away from a golfer being able to remain motionless and quiet so that you don't distract them.
Second rule: Do not hit unless the group in front of you is gone. Yell "fore"
Third rule: Let faster groups of 4 people play through
Forth rule: replace and press down any loose turf
Fifth rule: The golfer farthest from the hole places first
1 type of club Divers-long distance clubs, meant to drive the ball a great way towards the hall
2 type of club Irons-used for shorter shots and are numbered
3 type of club Putters-putters are used on the putting green for short precise shots
Hook Shot that curves to the left of the target
Slice Shot that curves to the right of the target
Fairway mowed area from tea to green
Rough area of longer grass on the side of the fairway
Penalty Stroke If your ball is unplayable
Grip interlocked
Head Down Eyes on ball
Foot? Lead foot down
Arm? Lead arm straight
Follow? Follow through
Ball? Elevates
Putting Head down, rock with the shoulders
Created by: haileyhoefer