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7th Grade

Unit 4: World Religions

This religion was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism
Jesus Christ found this world religion. Christianity
The founder of this world religion is unknown. Hinduism
This religion was founded by Muhammad. Islam
Who was the founder of Judaism? Abraham
The followers of this religion believe that to escape the suffering caused by world desires, people must follow the Eightfold Path. Buddhism
The main laws and practices of this religion are contained in the Torah. Judaism
What do Jews call the first five books of the Hebrew Bible? Torah
The followers of this religion believe in one god called Allah and follow the teachings of the Quran. Islam
The followers of this religion believe in reincarnation based on a person's karma and how well they followed the songs of the Vedas. Hinduism
The followers of this religion believe by having faith in Jesus they are saved from God's penalty for sin and receive eternal life with God. Christianity
These two religions were founded in India. Buddhism and Hinduism
This is the largest religion in the world. Christianity
Believing in many gods. polytheistic
Believing in no gods. non-theistic
The oldest religion in the world. Hinduism
A set of rules based on faith in a spiritual power. religion
Christmas, Easter Religious holidays of Christianity
What is the sacred text of Christianity? Bible
What is a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future lives called? Karma
Indian system of strict social classes. Caste system
Name the three monotheistic religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Name the two polytheistic religions. Hinduism and Buddhism
What religion has had the greatest impact on the world as far as spreading the furthest? Christianity
What two religions believe in karma? Hinduism and Buddhism
This religion believes that followers should make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. Islam
What are followers of Islam called? Muslims
What do you call other branches of the main religions such as Protestants and Catholics in Christianity? Sects or denominations
The supreme being or higher authority in a religion. deity
What is the sacred text of Islam? Quran
What are the sacred texts of Hinduism called? Vedas
A term used to describe the peace of mind and state of being free from suffering used by Buddhists. Nirvana
The belief that when someone dies the soul joins a new body-if life was good or bad you will be brought back with a better or lesser rank. Reincarnation
Two religions that believed in reincarnation. Hinduism and Buddhism
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