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Global 9

Ch. 7-9

Hundred Years War series of wars from 1337 to 1453 between England and France for control of the English Channel
Black Death bubonic plague; an epidemic outbreak that began in China and followed trade routes "fleas on rats"
Richard the Lion Heart English King who led a crusade in order to gain control of the holy land. Encouraged average person to fight against Saladin
The Holy Land used by Jews/Christians/Muslims referring to the Holy site of Jerusalem.
Pope Urban II was the Roman Catholic Pope who started first Crusade-opportunity to unite Christian Feudal Lords
Crusades series of wars from 1096-1291 where European Christians fought with Muslims for control of the Holy Land
Suleiman the Magnificent the sultan of the Ottoman Empire known as the "Law Giver" expanded the Empire
Safavid Empire an empire that was based in Persia (Iran) from 1501-1736-greatest leader was Shah Abbas the great
Ottoman Empire a Turkish empire that was founded around 1300, capital was Constantinople and renamed Istanbol
Muslim name of someone who practices the Islamic faith
Shi'ite a sector of Islam founded after the death of Muhammad, minority of Muslims, BELIEVED LEADERS SHOULD BE OF HOLY BLOOD
Sunni a sector of Islam that believes any true Muslim can be leader. The majority of Muslims
Shah Abbas King of Safavid Dynasty in Persia 1588-1629;tolerant of other religions;modern day Iran Shi'ite
Muhammad founder of Islam and the next prophet after Jesus; born in Mecca
Islam a monotheistic religion that believes Muhammad was the last and greatest prophet.
5 Pillars of Islam duties that Muslims must perform
Agricultural Revolution set the foundation for economic prosperity centered around agriculture;population grows;people feel safer
Sharia Law understanding of the Qu'ran;regulates moral conduct family life
Commercial Revolution the return of money to stimulate the growth of banking;Europeans adopted bills of exchange and credit
Hajj 5th Pillar of Islam, pilgrimage to Mecca
Mosque Holy place of worship for Muslims
Reconquista "reconquer" a political and religious movement started by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain (re-establish the Roman Catholicism)
Gothic Style type of architecture that flourished in Europe during the Middle Ages;symbol of wealth and power
Feudal contract a pledge of loyalty and service between a lord and his people knights and serfs manors-fortifications feudalism-manorialism wealth based on loand social-rigid-no social mobility medieval, middle and dark ages
fortification a defense or other reinforcement built for the need of protection castles- western Europe fortify- build a defense need for protection as a result of the Roman Empire Manor manorialism feudalism-feudal contract murder holes- throw rocks fecies
manorialism the economic system of feudalism where goods are exchange for protection and services feudal contract- manor- fortification land= wealth and power= agriculture feudalism Medieval, Middle and Dark Ages
Feudalism decentralized from of government that developed as a result of the need for protection fragmented/ separated social structure loyalty and service fortification manorialism manor feudal contract Medieval, Middle and Dark Ages
Justinian The emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 527-565 AD expanded the Byzantine Empire famous for building Hagia Sophia Wanted to restore the glory of Rome Justinian's Code- adapted from Roman Law Wife-Theodora Co ruler no children died Constantinople
Byzantine Empire The former Eastern Roman Empire; founded May 11, 330 AD 1453 Constantinople between Bosporus Dardanelles-Europe and AsiaTrade wealth and power and prestige Preserved Greek and Roman Cultures Language and Arch. Laws and Government Justinian and Theodora
Justinian's Code A collection of Roman Laws organized by the Byzantine emperor, Justinian Laws set the standard for other empires some laws protected women Hammurabi's Code 10 Commandments
Great Schism (Split) The official split between the Roman Catholics and Byzantine Churches that took place in 1054 Western Roman Empire- Catholics Eastern Roman Empire- Eastern/ Greek Orthodox Byzantine Empire Expands into Russia because leaders couldn't get along
Theodora Was born in Cyprus in 500 AD and died in 548 in Constantinople Empress of the Byzantine Empire Married to Justinian from 525-548 AD Born of lowly birth- her father trained bears and her mother was an actress developed laws that protected women Nika Riot
Manor Lord's estate farm land castles-fortifications huts-peasants home church- blacksmiths feudalism-manorialism-feudal contract Medieval, Middle, Dark Ages
Medieval Ages Time period that arose after the fall of the Roman Empire Feudalism-need for protection manorialism-barter economy feudal contract fortification-castles catholic churches Middle and Dark Ages Crusades, Hundred Years' War Islam Vikings Goths Huns
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