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WTI Med Terms Week 6

Medical Terms Week 6

Amnesia a partial or total loss of memory
Analgesia the inability to feel pain
Anesthesia insensitivity to pain, especially as artificially induced by the administration of gases or the injection of drugs before surgical operations
Aphagia the inability or refusal to swallow
Aphasia loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage
Bradykinesia extreme slowness of movements and reflexes (such as that caused by Parkinson's disease or antipsychotic drugs)
Coma a state of deep unconsciousness that lasts for a prolonged or indefinite period, caused especially by severe injury or illness
Osteomalacia softening of the bones, typically through a deficiency of vitamin D or calcium
Osteomyelitis inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection
Osteopenia reduced bone mass of lesser severity than osteoporosis
Osteotome a surgical instrument for cutting bone, typically resembling a chisel
Polyarthritis any type of arthritis that involves 5 or more joints simultaneously
Spondylitis inflammation of the joints of the backbone
Sprain wrench or twist the ligaments of (an ankle, wrist, or other joint) violently so as to cause pain and swelling but not dislocation
Tendonitis inflammation of a tendon, most commonly from overuse but also from infection or rheumatic disease
Created by: lrhamyWTI