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19th Century Ism


economic system in which investment in and ownership of all aspects of business, is maintained by individuals capitalism
money to invest capital
economic changes resulting from the mechanization of productive processes industrialism
forced many farmers to move to larger towns to find work Enclosure Movement
production technique in which each worker does one specialized job division of labor
economic theory that a society as a whole should control the means of production socialism
policy of building an empire to extend a nations power and territory imperialism
system of thought made of economic and political doctrines characterized chiefly by theories of class struggle, surplus value, and materialism Marxism
devotion to the interests of one's own country nationalism
violent mob attacks on Jewish people pogroms
known for his vivid detail and bright colors to portray Paris lifestyle: creator of the first poster Toulouse-Lautrec
anti realism artistic movement that focused on dreamlike images and symbols symbolism
movement emphasizing individuality and emotion romanticism
when a widow killed herself on her husbands funeral fire sati
Indian soldier Sepoy
probably the most devastating peasant revolt in history; 20-30 million deaths Taiping Rebellion
the isolation of women in separate quarters purdah
wrote in both the Romantic and Realistic styles Victor Hugo
vividly portrayed the lives in the coal mines of France: "Germinal" Emile Zola
the goal was to drive out the "foreign devils" who were polluting their land Boxer Rebellion
developed the germ theory of disease and pasteurization Louis Pasteur
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