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Slate metamorphic rock, flat smooth, a bit more reflective then shale (mica)
Phylite metamorhpic rock, greyish orange patch, no visible grains (mica)
Schist Metamorphic rock, layered, with few visible grains, sometimes shiney with lots of grains (mica)
Gneiss metamorphic rock light and dark layers, minerals aligned (quartz, hornblende, feldspar)
anthracite metamorphic rock, glassy rock, draws on paper (lightly) (coal)
marble metamorphic clear/ white looks like quartz, large grains, reactive (calcite)
quartzite metamorphic rock, visible grains, cuts glass, dark color like smokey quartz
Granite felsic rock phaneritic, shiney, looks like marble, multicolor, (quartz, sodium feldspar, mica, potasium feldspar)
Diorite intermediate rock phaneritic, large visible grains white and dark colored (sodium feldspar, hornblende, mica)
Gabbro mafic rock phaeritic large visible grains dark (calcium feldspar, augite, olivine)
Rhyolite felsic rock grey, a little light, very tiny pores, no visible grains, (quartz, sodium, feldspar, mica, potasium feldspar)
andesite intermediate rock no visibe grains, dark grey, looks like basalt but lighter (sodium feldspar, hornblende, mica)
Basalt mafic rock no visible grains, dark color, looks like coal
rhyolite porphry felsic light rock with few dark random grains (sodium and potsium feldspar, quartz, and mica)
andesite porphry intermediate rock, medium dark grey, with visible random large grains (hornblende, sodium feldspar, mica)
basalt porphry mafic rock, dark black, with few random large grains
pumice white light color, lots of pores, extremely light,
scoria black or red, lots of pores, light as well
obsidian glassy shiney, curve layering
fossil stone little round fossils in the rock (calcite)
oolitic limestone sandy looking, small tiny cirlce grains (calcite) reactive
chalk white looks like chalk
micrite smooth dark grey rock looks like dolostone (calcite) reactive
dolostone very light whiteish greysih smooth rock (dolomite)
chert looks like candy, starburst. smooth (quartz)
bituminous coal marks paper, looks like galena, dark. (carbon)
boxite wierd looking rock with holes and circular things (clay)
rock salt taste like salt, looks like rock candy (halite)
conglomerate concrete mix with round large grains
breccia concrete mix with sqaure (angular) grains
quartz sandstone greenish yellowish sandy rock, small quartz grains visible with hand glass
arkosic sandstone tiny multicolor grains sandy looking
siltstone dirty greyish with green blocky no grains
shale grey, flate, not reflective, dull color (clay)
Created by: sanchezdaniel