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WTI Comp Ch. 4

Mosby's Chapter 4: Communication & Role of the Tech w/the Customer/Patient

Communication channels include: Written messages, spoken words, and body language
Verbal communication skills have these parts: Vocal and verbal
An open-ended question is: One that cannot be answered with a yes or a no
An unwritten guideline or rule of behavior is: Etiquette
Which stage is normally first when patients discover they are terminally ill? Denial
A pharmacies can deal with non-English–speaking customers by: Employing bilingual staff members, by using translating software programs, and using pictograms
The mental disposition or feeling a technician adopts when interacting with customers, patients, and coworkers or when performing duties at work is called: Attitude
The skill of dealing with others without causing bad feelings is called: Diplomacy
One of the most prevalent concerns of retail pharmacy managers and pharmacists is the need for pharmacy technicians who are competent in the area of: Communication
The communication cycle consists of a sender, a receiver, a message, various channels of communications, and the ______________. feedback
Articulation means: Speaking clearly, and avoiding slang
Which words in the following sentence should be emphasized for proper communication with a patient? “If you will wait a moment, I’ll get the information you need.” None
The best communicators: Speak very clearly in a low-pitched voice
When a technician shows customers that he or she can see the situation from their point of view, he or she is displaying: Empathy
What can negatively impact written communication? Illegible handwriting, grammatical errors, typographical errors
Good communication skills include: Compassion, diplomacy, patience
When answering a telephone call, the technician should: Identify his or her name and title, carefully listen to the caller, and decide whether to forward the call to a pharmacist
If you should have to place a patient on hold on the telephone you should check back with them every ________ minutes. 1 to 2
What are appropriate behaviors for a pharmacy technician to do with their cell phone while working in a pharmacy? keeping personal calls to a minimum so they do not appear unfocused to the customers , keeping their cell phone out of sight, or turning their cell phone on vibrate
When taking a message from a physician’s office, the pharmacy technician should write it down and include: How soon the information is needed, the caller’s name, and the purpose of the call
Created by: lrhamyWTI