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Calcite Fizzes, always reactive, hardness 3.0 rhombic cleavage
sodium feldspar looks like marbel, white, hardness 6
Augite Looks metallic, looks like Garnett but smoother poor cleavage hardness 6
Talc like chalk but dark, hardness 1
Chlorite poor cleavage, brown, grey streak/pale, <2.5
Halite taste like salt <2.5
Gypsum clear, fat, skinny, <2.5
potasium feldspar thread like markings, smooth green square>5.5
biotite dark paper<2.5
galena heavy, shiney, lots of cleavage, metal<2.5
muscovite light paper <2.5
hornblende little mettalic looking, splintery 6
sphalerite sparkly multicolor rock, somewhat metallic, 3-5 yellow brown streak
flourite clear mutliple colors, looks like quarts, but no grains looks like frozen menudo hardness 4
dalomite audible reaction, makes sound 3-5
hematite metallic looks like magnetic but isnt, dark streak, >5.5
magnetite magnetic hardness 6
limonite looks like a sponge hardness 6
quartz anything clear, no streak, cuts glass
pyrite matte sparkly gold with some pores >5.5
azurite different colors like white, blue, green, black, streak blue 2-6
malachite green lizzard skin looking, 2-6
chalcopyrite sold gold shiny, 3-5
olivine sandy areas, and smooth areas, >5.5
garnet somewhat mettalic, small, no cleavage, >5.5
hematite very light, earthy brown looking, cold dirt kinda 2-6
graphite writes on paper, slippery <2.5
kaolinite chalk, <2.5
Created by: sanchezdaniel