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WTI Comp Ch. 1

Mosby's Chapter 1: History of Medicine and Pharmacy

Which organization(s) saw the need for standardized education for pharmacy technicians? ASHP, APhA, and MPA
In which language were medicinal recipes (prescriptions) written until the 1900s? Latin
Which old time remedies are still being used today? Maggots and leeches
What are sources of materials for remedies in ancient times? Minerals, animals, and plant parts
Which medication(s) come(s) from plants? Opium and quinine
Which soft drink originally contained cocaine and caffeine? Coca-Cola
Laudanum, which is a combination of opium and alcohol that was used during the Civil War for multiple conditions, was problematic for what reason? It was highly addictive and resulted in many deaths and miscarriages.
Who discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming
Which scientists made major contributions to the field of genetics? Watson and Crick, Gregor Mendel
Why are the roles of pharmacy technicians expanding to include duties that used to be limited only to pharmacists? Pharmacists are moving into more clinical roles by counseling patients and working with medical staff.
Which early physician and alchemist realized the benefit of treating a disorder with one medication at a time to determine the effectiveness and dose of each medication, rather than the customary multiple dosing? Paracelsus
In early American history, many people died of mercury poisoning, since mercury was used to treat: Syphilis
Apothecary can mean a(n): Pharmacist or drug store
What is the purpose of using maggots in medicine? To clean wounds by removing dead tissue
What was the first synthetic antibiotic discovered? Sulfonamide
Which organization offers specialized training in sterile products and hazardous drug compounding? Critical Point
What test must potential pharmacy students obtain a passing grade before being admitted to a school of pharmacy? PCAT
Who established the germ theory of disease? Louis Pasteur
What is the formal symbol of medicine? Staff of Asclepius
Which term refers to both synthetic and semisynthetic medications of opium? Opioid
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