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EOC Vocab

War of 1812 Conflict between the U.S. and Great Britain; known as the Second American revolution; reconfirmed American independence and increased national pride
Erie Canal A man made 363 mile canal that was built to create a water route from New York City and the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes; helped NY become a center of trade
National Infrastructure Transportation revolution which created roads, canals and railroads
Monroe Doctrine Warned European powers to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
Industrial Revolution The movement to making goods with machines and an improvement in technology.
Eli Whitney Invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts for muskets
Manifest Destiny A belief that American settlers were destined to expand throughout the continent.
Temperance Movement toward limiting the consumption of alcohol
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women’s rights reformer and co-founder of Seneca Falls Convention
Seneca Falls Conference Women’s rights convention to discuss the social and civil rights of women
Jacksonian Democracy Presidency known for creating a strong executive branch, the Spoils System, Indian Removal, and ending of the National Bank
Suffrage The right to vote
Nationalism Increase in American pride
Nat Turner An African American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia after seeing an eclipse; resulted in 55 white deaths and harsher slave restrictions
Abolitionism Movement to abolish slavery
William Lloyd Garrison White abolitionist responsible for printing of The Liberator and wanted immediate emancipation
Frederick Douglass Escaped slave that became leader of abolitionist movement; published the abolitionist newspaper the North Star
Grimke Sisters Daughters of slave owner in South Carolina who became female abolitionists
Nullification Crisis Declared that the federal Tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were unconstitutional and therefore null and void in the South Carolina.
States’ Rights Political powers reserved for the U.S. state governments rather than the federal government according to the United States Constitution.
Texas Revolution also known as the Texas War of Independence, was the military conflict between the government of Mexico and Texas colonists.
Mexican - American War A conflict between the U.S. and Mexico from 1846-1848 that gave the U.S. Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah & parts of Wyoming & Colorado
Wilmot Proviso Would have banned slavery in any territory to be acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War or in the future,
Treaty of Ghent Ended War of 1812; returned territorial boundaries to pre-war status quo
Lewis & Clark Expedition Sent to explore and map the Louisiana territory; established the presence of the U.S. in the West
Louisiana Purchase Acquired from France for $15 million; Doubled the size of the U.S. Napoleon needed money for war
Second Great Awakening Tent revivals and evangelism
Sectionalism Loyalty to the interests of one's own region or section of the country, rather than to the country as a whole.
John C. Calhoun Argued that slavery was something positive, and for pointing the South towards secession from the Union
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