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Scientist Report

famous scientist research report study guide

Which scientist was known as the Father of Modern Biology and credited with developing the 1st animal classification system? Aristotle
Who is most famous for the equation E= MC2 (squared)? Albert Einstein
Who is famous for inventing the incandescent light bulb and responsible for over 1000 other patents for inventions? Thomas Edison
Who was known as the Father of Genetics for his early work with pea plants? Gregor Mendel
Who found over 300 uses of the peanuts and helped southern farmers by developing crop rotation? George Washington Carver
Who made countless drawings of inventions, many of which were not created until centuries later? Leonardo Da Vinci
Who founded the Heliocentric Theory that landed him under house arrest at the end of his life? Nicolaus Copernicus
Who developed the first Polio vaccine and worked on a flu vaccine and a cure for AIDS? Jonas Salk
Who was credited with discovering 2 radioactive elements, Polonium and Radium, and was the first woman to win 2 Nobel prizes? Marie Curie
Who was know as the first Woman Doctor? Elizabeth Blackwell
Who did work with blackholes, and discovered Hawking Radiation? Stephen Hawking
Who is best known for discovering pasteurization, and also developed a rabies vaccine? Louis Pasteur
Who was the first to come up with the term gravity, and developed the 3 Laws of Motion? Isaac Newton
Who came up with the correct Law of Falling Objects, and also improved the telescope that he used to study the skies? Galileo Galilei
Created by: susan.walters