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Colony Area taken over by an imperialistic country.
Imperialism A country gains control over other territories
Annexation Seizing a territory and adding it to one's country as a colony.
Isolationism A person who favors non participation in or the withdrawal from international affairs.
Yellow Journalism When newspapers exaggerate information in order to get certain responses out of a group.
Ideological The cultural belief that one country is better than another.For this unit, it means that the US feels that it is strong and better than smaller non-industrialized countries.These countries usually do not have factories and large cities.
Strategic gaining military advantage. For this unit, it means that the US Navy was trying to control territories that would be good places for their ships to refuel. They also wanted more military bases for more control.
Internationalist A person who favors United States participation overseas. They WANT the United States to take over other countries and be involved in the world. They see Imperialism as POSITIVE.
Commerce buying and selling materials on a large scale.
Acquisition something that is bought or purchased. For this unit, it will be talking about the United States buying land or territories.
Secession the action of withdrawing formally from membership. We see this used when a state leaves a country. The best example is when South Carolina and other southern states left the USA and formed the CSA.
Annexation adding a territory or land to the United States.
Industrial Expansion expand a countries industries and factories. It usually meant the ability to make more products and therefore make more money for a country. They usually expanded outside of their borders to do this.
Relinquish to voluntarily give something up, you are not fighting to give it to someone else
Doctrine set of beliefs held by a country, referring to the Monroe Doctrine. The US BELIEVED that it should be in charge of all of the Americas - North, Central, and South America. Remember it is just a belief
Corollary This is adding onto another belief. For this unit it means, that the US believed (under the Monroe Doctrine) it should control the Americas and by ADDING the Roosevelt Corollary they had the right to police the America
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