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Progressive Era

Democratic supporting democracy or its principles. For this unit it, means - allowing all people to participate in the government. This allows people to vote, introduce legislation/laws, or remove officials from office.
Muckraker Name given to US journalists and other writers who exposed corruption in politics and business in the early 20th century. These journalists helped the Progressive Age by bringing problems to national attention
Industrial Capitalism This is a type of economic system based on private ownership that focuses on making profit by industrial companies (factories). For this unit, it means, people who own big businesses & factories who want to make money.
Free Market an economic market or system in which prices are based on competition among private businesses and NOT controlled by a government. This goes along with the idea of Laissez-Faire
Coinage For this unit, it means, creating & using silver as money. The US used gold to back up the dollar, now the Populists want to use silver instead because there is more silver than gold available.
Graduated/Progressive Income Tax Graduated and Progressive are used interchangeably in this unit when referring to income taxes. This means that the more money you make the higher percentage of tax you pay.
Anti-Trust Legislation Government-created laws to prevent a single company from controlling an entire industry.
Laissez-Faire A policy of letting business owners make their own decisions, without government interference. Businesses did not want the government interfering with the free market.
Emigration When a person leaves a country
Monopoly When many small businesses merge to form one large corporation. A single company has control over an entire industry
Manufacture When a large-scale number of items are made using machinery
Immigration When a person settles in a new country.
Populism Reform movement that wanted to improve the lives of farmers and improve the economy.
Labor Union Organization or workers grouped together to negotiate with their employer for better working and living conditions.
Progressivism Reform movement that wanted to improve living and working conditions in the cities with particular focus on social reform.
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