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When Henry of Navarre became Henry IV, he....... converted Catholicism
One of the richest parts of Philip II's empire was The Spanish Netherlands
_______ tried to avoid war with France and Spain Elizabeth I
_______ of England, strongly believed in the Divine Right of Kings. James I
The Civil War in England was a conflict between the king and parliament
___________ were offered the throne of England to prevent succession by a Catholic monarch William and Mary
_________ wanted to westernize, or Europeanize Russia Peter the Great
The royal court at Versailles was used in what ways by Louis XIV? His personal household as the center for state offices to have powerful subjects visit to seek favors
the _______________ were Protestants in England who were inspired by Calvinist ideas. Puritans
What is Absolutism? a system of government in which a ruler held total authority
the style of painting known as _________ is known for its use of dramatic effects to arouse the emotions. Baroque
The Thirty Year's War involved all the major European powers except which nation? England
What ideals were used in the Scientific Method? a systemic procedure based on collecting and analyzing evidence crucial to the evolution of science
___________ believed in one absolute truth.... his own existence Descartes
_________ "Encyclopedia" was used to advance Enlightenment ideas Diderot's
_______, an English philosopher, believed scientists should use inductive reasoning Francis Bacon
_______________ observations seemed to indicate that the heavenly bodies were composed of material substance, just like Earth, not pure orbs of light Galileo's
__________ wrote "On the Fabric of the Human Body", which presented a careful and accurate examination of the human anatomy. Vesalius
What was Peter the Great's "open window to the West"? St. Petersburg
Which customs did Peter the Great change in Russia? women could remove their veils no spitting on the floor men had to shave their beards
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