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1st Semester Exam Review for World Lit - Self-Contained

What does the idiom under the weather mean? Not feeling very well
What does the idiom smart cookie mean? A person who is very intelligent
What does the idiom dry run mean? To try something out just for the sake of practicing it
What does the idiom on cloud nine mean? To be incredibly happy
What does the idiom a piece of cake mean? To be extremely easy
What does the idiom when pigs fly mean? It will never happen
What does the idiom to clam up mean? To refuse to talk
What does the idiom tie the knot mean? To get married
What does the idiom a wild goose chase mean? Sent to do something kind and accommodating for another person
What does the idiom hit the hay mean? To go to bed
Who is Odysseus? The king of the Trojan War
Who is Polyphemus? A cyclops with one eye
Who is Penelope? She is the wife of Odysseus
Who is Telemachus The son of Odysseus
After Penelope believes that Odysseus will never return home, what was her plan to pick a new husband? Create a contest to see who is the right man to marry by requiring a man to bend a bow, string it, and shoot the arrow through 25 axes
What was the purpose of the Trojan horse that the Trojans used? To hide soldiers from the Romans
How do the Greeks believe that guests and strangers should be treated? Treat guests and strangers like kings & queens; give them anything they want and need.
What does FANBOYS stand for? For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
What is the rule for items in a series? Put a comma after every item except the last. Example: red, white, yellow, and blue are my favorite colors.
What is the rule to punctuate a city and a state? Place a comma between the city and the state. Example: Mount Prospect, Illinois
What is the rule to punctuate two or three adjectives that describe the same noun? Place a comma after each adjective, except the last one. Example: Maria is wearing a shiny, gold necklace.
What is the homonym that means the past tense of read? read
Who is Othello? He is the play's hero who is a highly respected general of the Venice army.
Who is Desdemona? She is the daughter of a Venice senator. She and Othello are secretly married before the play begins.
Who is Iago? He is Othello's second highest soldier (ensign) and villain of the play.
What is an ensign? The second highest soldier
Who is Michael Cassio? Othello’s lieutenant who is truly devoted to Othello.
Who is Brabantio? Father of Desdemona and senator of Venice.
Who is Bianca? Bianca is Casio's jealous lover who is a prostitute/hussy.
Who is Emilia? She is Iago's wife.
From the play, Othello, what does rascal mean? A person who is full of mischief. He/she is not evil.
From the play, Othello, what does guarantee mean? A promise that something will happen
From the play, Othello, what does gnaw mean? To chew away something bit by bit
From the play, Othello, what does mutiny mean? A group’s rebellion against its leader
In Greece, the large cities were called ... Polis
Why was the Mesopotamian Sea helpful? It allowed easy travel to Egypt
Why wasn't the Greek homeland easy to farm? The land had many mountains
What subject were the Greeks first to learn? Geometry
What was NOT Plato's favorite subject? Algebra
Why did Plato open a school? He wanted to teach about atoms - the new way of thinking.
What did the world learn about Plato 1000s of years later? 1000s of years later we found that Plato's ideas were correct.
What are stoics? Greek thinkers who believed it was important to live according to nature
Ancient Greek cynics believed: People don't have to do what everyone else does.
Why was Iago angry with Cassio? Cassio received a promotion and Iago did not.
What character plotted revenge against Othello? Iago
Who is the moor in the play Othello? Othello
Why is Iago two faced? He is deceitful - dishonest.
Why did Brabantio light a candle in his house? To look for Desdemona
Why does Brabantio drop the charges against Othello? He sees Desdemona’s love for Othello
Who is Roderigo A jealous suitor who is convinced that if he gives Iago all of his money, Iago will help him win Desdemona.
What two characters in the play are consumed by deadly jealousy? Othello and Iago
What two locations did the events in this play take place? Venice and Cyprus
What two innocent people in the play were unjustly accused? Desdemona and Cassio
Created by: tobiashersey



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