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EOC Vocab

Virginia Company Joint stock company that founded colony in Virginia in hopes of finding gold
Joint stock company Group of investors coming together hoping to make a profit
Roanoke First British colony in the new world. Was Unsuccessful
Jamestown First successful British colony in the new world
John Smith Led the Jamestown colony to success; believed “Can’t eat unless you work”
New England Colonies New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island
Middle Colonies New Amsterdam (New York), Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware
Southern Colonies Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia & Maryland
Georgia Founded as a relief colony for poor English and Buffer colony between the Carolinas and Florida.
Puritans Wanted to reform the Anglican Church; couldn’t so they left England and founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Pilgrims Separatists of the Anglican Church; founded colony of Plymouth
Quakers Members of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian movement, devoted to peaceful principles.
House of Burgesses – First representative government in Virginia, made of wealthy landowners. Similar to our Congress
Salutary Neglect Britain left the colonies alone – gave them the desire for self
Powhatan Native American leader who attacked Jamestown colony and later helped them settle the colony
Bacon’s Rebellion A rebellion against the Governor of Virginia for raising taxes
Half Way Covenant Aimed at increasing religion in New England by the use of partial church membership & baptisms
King Philip’s War An armed conflict between Native Americans and English colonists in 1675–78.
Salem Witch Trials A series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in Colonial Massachusetts
New Amsterdam (New York) Founded by the Dutch for fur trading and port trading. Eventually taken over by the English
Quebec French colony founded in Canada used as a fur trade outpost
Mercantilism An economic theory supporting a favorable balance of trade, (Export more than you import)
Transatlantic Trade Trade network of slaves and goods between Africa, Europe, and the New World.
Middle Passage A brutal portion of the Transatlantic Trade that transported slaves from Africa to the New World.
Benjamin Franklin A founding father and inventor and important figure during the American Enlightenment period.
Social Mobility The ability to move from one social class to another (Economic mobility).
The Great Awakening – A series of religious revivals in America, starting in the 1730’s .
“City upon the hill” Model community for others to follow.
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