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Digital Photography

The Digital Photography course from IDLA, all the questions for the final test.

Unit 1: Cameras sometimes list their lens capability in these terms: Megapixels
The Camera Lucida was: A device that artists often used to assist them in drawing
What's the most significant difference between Daguerreotypes and Calotypes? Calotypes make for multiple prints
What was one of the biggest challenges to early photographers? To make photos last
Which part of the word "photography" means light: Photo
While it’s not critical to know the exact date something was invented, it’s helpful to have an idea of the timeframe for the invention. Which of the following IS NOT the correct timeframe? 1990s – Polaroid
A point and shoot camera typically has this feature: Lightweight, small and easy to operate
What function did the photographic "plate" serve in early photography? Captured image
Which part of the camera is responsible for flipping images? Mirror
Regardless of what camera you have, your camera will most likely include this: A cable for downloading
Put these cameras in order of their invention: Brownie, Polaroid, Digital
The word "photography" comes from this language: Greek
This type of camera is not acceptable for this course: Video camera
With the exception of the Dagurerreotype, photography involved a negative. What is the relationship between the photo plate and the “negative”? The negative is used to make the photo
An important ingredient in early photography was silver. Why? It turns black when exposed to light
You must have access to some this software type: Photoediting
How do traditional and digital cameras significantly differ? Chemicals required to process film
What other industry did Eastman’s rollfilm invention impact? Motion pictures
Put these in order of their invention: Wet plate Collodion, Autochrome, Kodacrhrome
You might want to invest in an extra set of these: Batteries
This optional piece of equipment allows you to stabilize the camera so it doesn't move when you take the picture: Tripod
Which of the following was a potential drawback for early photography on culture: Some people did not want to see them
Which of the following statement is an accurate summary of how photography got started? Several people experimenting with different techniques contributed to its invention
Unit 2: The larger the file size: The longer it takes to upload
Another word for DPI is: Resolution
A point and shoot camera typically has this feature: Lightweight, small and easy to operate
Pixel is short for: Picture element
You might want to invest in an extra set of these: Batteries
You must have access to some this software type: Photo editing
Think about inserting a photo file into a Word document. The relationship between file size and document size is: When photo file size increases, so does document size
This optional piece of equipment allows you to stabilize the camera so it doesn't move when you take the picture: Tripod
Comparing the resolution requirements of digital images use online versus printed: Printed is higher quality
When creating digital images with a camera: Save the photos at a resolution appropriate to what you’re doing with the images
Regardless of what camera you have, your camera will most likely include this: A cable for downloading
This type of camera is not acceptable for this course: Video camera
Which of the following software program will not let you alter the size of the original photo? Microsoft word
After you're done downloading images from your camera, you can save memory when you: Delete the files from your camera
DPI stands for: Dots per inch
Images on the web are usually viewed at: 72 DPI
Cameras sometimes list their lens capability in these terms: Megapixels
A standard file format that is typically produced by most digital cameras and can be used directly on the web or email is: JPG
Unit 3: Using the Portrait setting tells the camera to focus: On things closer to the camera
Of the three approaches to "space," this one is the most likely to involve repetition or other elements of design: Full frame
List one element of design, as discussed in the presentation Intro to Composition: Texture
The following would not usually be included in a still life: Pets
Aperture inside the camera moves how: Opens and closes
Another word for composition: Arrangement
True or false: Isolating an image on the page (space technique) emphasizes the importance of the background: False
It's function is to let light into the camera: Lens
Which page format would you likely use for a photograph of a standing tree? AND why would you use that format? Vertical. You would use that format so you could see all the way up the tree to the top to bottom.
What is one of the goals of still life photography? To express something about life; make you see object in a new way; suggest something about the user of the object.
Still life is a: Category of artistic work
How does using the zoom function affect the background? It blurs it the closer you zoom to the object you are photographing.
True or false: The portrait setting is only for photographing people: False
Blurriness happens because objects are: Too close or too far away
List four "tips" for better photos from Composition Tips movie: 1. take lots of photos 2.focusing and re framing 3. get close to your subject 4. change your perspective.
For something to be included in the still life category, it needs to meet one of these three criteria: Non- living
Describe a scene you'd use the horizontal format for? AND why would you use it? Be descriptive. A picture of the sun setting over the ocean. You would use it to catch as much of it as you can, and since the sunset is in horizontal "lines," it would make the eye of the viewer move horizontally.
A vase of flowers against a blank background is an example of which kind of use of space? Isolation
Still life photography focuses on? Objects
Pressing the shutter half way focuses. What's one of the other two things it does? Eliminates shutter delay OR checks camera setting; measures depth between camera and the "subject" it thinks you're focusing on.
Unit 4: Explain 2 differences between a "macro" photo and a "closeup" photo. 1. A macro photo is 1 inch to a few feet away while a close up is a few feet to several feet 2. Macro uses the macro setting while close up doesn't have a special setting for it, just uses the standard setting
Explain why you wouldn't just photoedit (such as resize, crop or rotate) an image in a program like Word or PowerPoint? Word or PowerPoint would just make the image seem smaller on the screen when actually it hasn't resized the actual photo.
Match the subjects: Portrait a. Cat, young lady, older man Landscape c. Forest, beach, desert Action b. Running water, football player
Cropping, resizing and page format (vertical or horizontal) all deal with this: Composition
Another word for category or subject is: Genre
An aperture that is open wider lets in more or less light? More
Explain the "proportional" relationship between aperture and shutterspeed: They work like a see saw: they work together.
Explain 2 similarities between a macro and closeup photo: 1. both are close to the object being photographed 2. the background is not important, usually blurry
To increase amount of light in your photos, do this: Increase aperture
The goal in digitally resizing a photo is: Reducing file size to make it easier to upload
Which pre-programmed setting would you use if you're taking a photo of something 3-4 feet away from you and you want the background blurry? Portrait
Which setting combination would be ideal for a photograph of a distant landscape: Small aperture, fast shutter speed
Does a faster shutterspeed let in more or less light? less
Which pre-programmed setting would you most likely use for a beach scene? landscape
When redefining an image through cropping, what advantage is there to having a "larger" size/format of a photo to work with while photoediting versus just having the smaller file size? A larger file size can be cut in a better quality. If it was a lower quality, the cropped version would be poor quality and hard to see while a larger size allows more to be viewed and more area to be cropped while keeping it nicer looking.
List one of the three reasons to crop a photo: To bring focus to a different part of the photo
What is the little symbol on your camera that indicates you are using the macro setting? Flower
What is another word for cropping? Cutting
Why do we typically group similar things into categories? It makes it easier/more efficient to talk about similar things and compare and contrast different things.
The shutter is similar to a: Curtain
Identify the incorrect subject pairings below: Architecture- not recognizable, more conceptual
Which camera setting would you use for an extremely closeup photograph that's within an inch or two of the subject matter: Macro
What is one reason you would NOT flip or rotate an image: To make it smaller or larger
True or false: Abstract photography typically focuses on design elements: True
Which of the following is not the purpose of the aperture: Focus on subject matter
Aperture is similar to: The eye
If your subject is moving, what is your priority for manual settings: aperture or shutterspeed? Shutter speed
Give an example of a genre of music NOT included in the presentations: Classical
true or false: The subject of a macro is most often nature: False
What are automated or pre-programmed settings really controlling inside the camera? How the camera is taking the picture. Also the focus, aperture, shutter speed, and all the things that make up a good picture. How the photo looks and how the camera takes the picture.
Unit 5: At what time of day is the light likely to appear the "warmest" in color? Sunset
What are two things you would you need to include when properly citing a photograph: The person who took the photo (photographer) and where you got the photo (website, library, book, etc.)
Submitting a photo that isn't yours or failing to cite the source of a photo is considered this, according to IDLA's policy on Academic Honesty: Plagiarism
The BEST example of an image that is considered in the "public domain" and has absolutely no copyright or usage restrictions is: A heart symbol
True or false: Using someone else's photo without permission could get you in trouble with the law: True
True or false: Generally, students may use certain copyrighted works for educational use only. True
True or false: A general rule of thumb for photography lighting technique is that you can use natural light or artificial light, but not both. False
The relationship between file size (usually measured in kilobytes) and photo/document size is: The larger photo/document, the larger the file size
Why shouldn't you use the flash when trying to create a silhouette? Because there will be too much light on the subject and it will add too much light so it isn't a silhouette anymore, just a portrait or some other type of photo.
What might be something that "filters" the light on an otherwise bright day? Tree or clouds
A rainbow helps illustrate this concept: Light is made up of a spectrum of color
When searching for images to use, especially on digital stock photo sites, look for the special "c" symbol with a circle around it because it means: Copyright
What color(s) is firelight likely to give your photograph? Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow
Most digital cameras have a digital zoom. What does the letter T stand for? Telefoto
Explain what "high contrast" is: Pairing of opposites or two really different things, such as light and dark
The silhouette effect occurs when the light is: Behind what you're photographing
Changing the file size in the camera accomplishes many things. Why would you want to reduce the file size of the photos you're taking ahead of time? Faster upload; smaller file; don't need as large a file for digital class, and takes up less space on your computer.
Light in the winter will likely appear this color: Blue
What is one disadvantage of using digital zoom? It could create a blurry effect and leave out other important parts of the photo.
True or false: Only the United States has copyright law. It does not apply internationally. False
When working with low light photos, such as firelight, should your aperture setting be small or large: large
Incandescent, flourescent and flash bulbs are all examples of this kind of light: Artificial
Explain how lighting establishes "mood" in a photo. It might be helpful to envision a photo or specific image. If the lighting is warm, it creates a cheery and happy mood. If the lighting is dark, it creates a sad or depressed or dark mood.
True or false: When someone copyrights something, such as a logo or photo or other work of art, that copyright lasts forever. False
Based on your general understanding of ethical image use, it would be ok to: Link to a website with permission
This menu setting on your camera can be adjusted to deal with different types of lighting situations: White balance
Unit 6: Which item might best be used to help "frame" a photograph? A doorway
Besides texture and color, what other ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN might you emphasize when taking a "detail" architecture photo? List two. Line and space
True or false: Asymmetry means the visual weight is the same AND the things on both sides of a photo or on the top and bottom of a photo are also the exact same too. False
Which statement is the best description of how photographer Ansel Adams worked: He only worked in black and white
A log cabin in the woods would be an example of which kind of architecture photography ? scenic
Which of the following is the BEST example of an interesting or unusual "viewpoint": ant's view
Besides being an example of direction composition, explain how this photo is an example of the "rule of thirds"? Because the red sign is in the left 1/3 of the grid, and the foreground on which it stands is in the lower 1/3 below center. Or because gap between mountains in the background is to the right of center.
Which of the following would be a good description of the photography of Clarence Laughlin? Unusual, dream-like combination of images
What ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN might be used to suggest "direction" in a photo: Shape
What is one of the primary goals of using a "framing" technique? To create a "windowish" effect; gives the photo interest and makes the viewer feel like "part of the photo."
Which kind of camera setting would you most likely use for a photo of a building in the distance? Landscape
A closeup of a rusty door handle on the inside of a wooden door would be an example of which kind of architecture photography? Detail
The human face is an example of what kind of balance? Symmetrical balance
This photo is an example of which kind of architecture photography? Intimate
What things or landscape features might you include in your photograph to direct the viewer's eye to the left or right? A road, fence, pathway, etc.
What might be the BEST explanation for why photographers use the rule of thirds to add interest to their photos? Humans tend to prefer an odd number of things
Where did Ansel Adams take most of the photograhs for which he is known? Western United States
Explain how this photo is an example of the "rule of thirds:" The horizon is in the upper third, the focal point (the post at the end of the jetty) is at the upper right third.
When composing a photo using the "rule of thirds," where should the main subject or point of interest be? Anywhere but the center
Unit 7: Use the ___________________ setting on your camera to capture a series of action photos, one right after the other: Burst
Stubbly and soft would be examples of this: Texture
Which kind of Action photo has the fastest shutterspeed? Stop action
What is a photogram? Exposing light-sensitive paper to objects
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's photograms were always black and white (not color). How were they made? By putting objects onto light-sensitive paper. Then they were made into black and white.
What is a photogram similar to? An xray
Besides an automated "action" setting, which camera setting might be used for creating the blurred motion typical of an action photo? Night syn.
A suggestion for creating interesting sports action photos is: Get close to the action
What's the relationship between shutterspeed and blurred movement? Slower speed/ blurs a lot
In "panning," what two things could be moving? The subject and the photographer
Which is the BEST example of "pattern"? Abstract or a repeating series of lines and shapes
Explain what the use of "line" can do in a photo: It can make the way the person views the photo. If there were some horizontal bars on a fence that ran until you saw a person in the photo, the lines from the fence make the viewer's eyes travel to the person, instead of being distracted by other things.
What does "pattern" have to include? Repetition
List the three types of Action photo: Stop action, panning, and blurred movement
In which kind of action photo is the subject caught or frozen in movement: Stop action
This would be the BEST example of a really "abstract" photo: A repeating series of lines or shapes
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