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Life Sci Chap 3/4

Ecosystems & Changes the the Environment Vocab

ecosystem all the living and nonliving things in an environment
community all the living things in an environment
habitat the home of a living thing
food web food chains that overlap
adaptation body parts of behaviors that help a living thing survive in its environment
producer an organism that makes (produces) its own food, like plants
consumer an organism that consumes other organisms for food
decomposer an organism that breaks down dead organisms
carnivores eats other animals
herbavores eats plants
omnivores eats both plants and animals
predator hunts other animals
prey an animal being hunted
climate the weather patterns over a period of time
tropical rain forest an ecosystem that is warm and wet, and dense with organisms
temperate forest an ecosystem with trees that is warm in the summer and cold in the winter
wetland an ecosystem where the land is often, but not always, covered by water
desert an ecosystem that has very little rain fall (precipitation)
camouflage hiding by blending in with the environment
mimicry hiding by looking like another organism
nocturnal active at night
hibernate not using energy during the winter (deep sleep)
migrate move to another location
resource something in the environment that organisms use to survive
competition when organisms compete for a resource
pollution when harmful things get in the land, air, or water
endangered when an organism does not have many of its kind left
extinct when there are no more of an organism left
fossil the trace or remains of something that lived a long time ago
reduce use less
reuse use again
recycle make something old into something new or use it as something else
natural disaster something that occurs in nature that changes the environment in a BIG way
flood too much water in an environment not intended for water
drought very little or no rain in an environment that needs it
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