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Unit 8 Review

Long Term Causes of the Civil War Slavery, Sectionalism, States' Rights
Fugitive Slave Act Required a runaway slave to be returned to his or her owner by anyone coming in contact with a slave that has fled to freedom.
Sumner Brooks Incident A representative from the South attacked a representative from the North after an anti-slavery speech.
States' Rights Belief of people that states should have certain rights, specifically the right to ignore any federal law with which the people of the state do not agree?
South Carolina First state to write Declaration of Secession
Fort Sumter Officially signaled the start of the Civil War
Emancipation Proclamation Freed slaves in land not under Union control during the Civil War
Battle of Gettysburg Turning point of the Civil War
Appomattox Court House Site of General Lee's surrender to General Grant ending the Civil War
Uncle Tom's Cabin revealed the awful conditions in which slaves had to live and pushed the North and South further apart in their views about slavery
Freedmen’s Bureau Provided schools to educate blacks and helped blacks find work.
Jim Crow Laws Separate facilities for blacks and whites
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