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Review Exam 2

Which of the following herbs has the ability to direct the action of other herbs in a formula to the Lung? Chua Bei Mu, Jie Geng, Qian Hu, Kun Bu Hb Jie Geng Rx Platycodi
Distance bw end of axillary fold to tranverse cubital crease is... 9 cun
Patient suffers from dizziness, blurry vision, numbness of the extremities insomnia, pale complexion. T: Pale, Pulse is thready DX: Blood Xu
Disease characterized by thin, clear, watery, cool d/c is due to: Damp, Heat, Dry, Cold Cold
Patient comes into your clinic suffering from a distending pain that moves from place to place. During questioning patient reveals is often irritable has a hx of depression. DX: Stagnation of Qi
Herb stops cough and kills parasites? Ma Dou Ling Bai Jie Zi, Bai Bu, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi Bai Bu Rx Stemoniae
What are the common functions of Jin Yin Hua and Lian Qiao Both Disperse W-H, Clear heat and relieve fire toxicity
Which herb can clear both excess and deficient heat? Shi Gao, Huang Qin, Zhi Mu, Ku Shen, Zhi Zi Zhi Mu-Rz Anemarrhenae
The main fx of Li is Receive waste material sent down from SI, absorb its fluid content, form the remainder into feces to be excreted
What is the difference bw interior and exterior damp? Speed of onset
Which herb drains KD Fire? Deng Xin Cao, Fu Ling, Yi Yi Ren, Mu Tong, Ze Xie Ze Xie-Rz Alismatis
Pathogenic factor invades the interior of the body and the Qi and Blood circulation is blocked, Which of the following pulses would indicate the above condition? Deep and forceful
Li 7 is a Xi Cleft point
What is the percentage risk of infection from needlesticks in a hepatitis patient? 25-30%
What is the cooking time for Da Huang (Rz Rhei) when using it in formulas to tx constipation 5 minutes
Pulse that feels like a sick silkworm eating mulberry leaf is said to be Choppy
Which is the following conditions is best treated by Gan Jian (Rz Zingiberis)? Water rention in Lu, Palpitation due to Ht Yin Xu, Wind in channels causing convulsions, Exterior W-C attack, Parasites in intestines Water retention in Lung
Eating large meals late at night is one of the main reasons for Xu of Yin and fluids in which of the following organs? Stomach
6 EPF are also known as the six types of Qi, What is the predomninant Qi of Spring? Wind
Disharmony of this organ can cause a person to talk incessantly or laugh inappropriately is? Ht
Which point is the Xi Cleft point of the Lung Channel? Lu 6
Sweating that occurs in the daytime usually indicates? Yang Xu and Qi Xu
Which pathogenic factor is Yang in nature; it consumes body fluids resulting in dryness of the nose and throat. IT also causes dry mouth with thirst chapped skin, withered body hari, consitpation and reduced urination Dryness
Gou Teng (Rm Uncariae is used to do which the following? Extinguish wind and stop tremors
Which on of these functions applies to Ban Xia ( Rz Pinelliae_: Nourishes Yin, Transforms heat phlegm, Dissipates nodules, Activates blood Dissipates nodluels
Confluent point for the Chong meridian Sp 4 is located: In the depression distal and inferior to the base of the 1st metatarsal bone, at the jx of red and white skin
Sterilization Procedure that destroy all microbial life including viruses
Sweet taste and stickiness in mouth imply D-H in SP and St
When practicing clean needle technique, what is meant by a clean field? An area that has been prepared to contain the equipment necessary for acupuncture treatment
In the abdomen, moving medial to lateral, what is the correct order of the meridian Ren, Kd, St, Sp
What point is located bw the bilateral UB 17? Du 9
Gray tongue indicates Interior syndromes
Created by: Aculinh