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CCRN Barrons Pulm

CCRN - Barrons Pulmonary

A pulmonary embolus results in increased ___. alveolar dead space.
If patient has a large right pneumonia, what side goes down? "Good lung down"
What does V/Q mean? ventilation/perfusion
What is normal arterial oxygen (PaO2)? 80-100 mmHg on room air
What is normal SaO2 (saturation of arterial oxygen)? 95-99% on room air
What is normal SvO2 (mixed venous oxygen saturation)? 60-75%
What is a pathological shunt: ARDS? Blood goes through lungs but does NOT get oxygenated resulting in refractory hypoxemia.
What is the treatment of a shunt? Give O2, PEEP (increases alveolar recruitment, prevents alveolar collapse)
What is the treatment for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? 100% FiO2 until symptoms resolve & carboyxhemoglobin level is <10%. Hyperbaric O2 chamber is available within 30 min
Normal pH 7.35-7.45
Normal PCO2 35-45 mmHg
Normal HCo3 22-26 mmol/kg
Acidosis pH <7.35
Alkalosis pH >7.45
RO ME Respiratory opposite, metabolic equal
Normal anion gap 5-15 mEq/L
Vent management of status asthmaticus. Use ___ rate to ___ exhalation time. low rate to increase exhalation time
Use ___ tidal volumes to prevent ___. low tidal volumes to prevent auto-PEEP
A PE will ___ alveolar ___ space. increase alveolar dead space
Steroids in ARDS? NO!
ARDS intubation: PEEP setting usually 15 cm H2O or greater
Tension pneumothorax air can't escape -> mediastinal shift. Life threatening
Tracheal deviation on tension pneumothorax? deviation AWAY FROM affected side
BP during tension pneumothorax? hypotension
Tracheal deviation on spontaneous or traumatic pneumothorax? deviation (if present) TOWARD affected side
Tubing of chest tube? NO dependent loops!
Chest tube water seal chamber. Tidaling with deep inspiration, normal or not? normal
Chest tube water seal chamber. bubbling in water seal chamber, normal or not? not normal
Created by: leidsmoe