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WTI Med Terms Week11

Medical Terms Week 11

Defibrillator an apparatus used to control heart fibrillation by application of an electric current to the chest wall or heart
Diastole the phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscle relaxes and allows the chambers to fill with blood
Hypergonadism a condition where there is a hyperfunction of the gonads that can manifest as precocious puberty, and is caused by abnormally high levels of testosterone or estrogen
Hyperinsulinism an above normal level of insulin in the blood of a person or animal
Hyperkalemia an abnormally elevated level of potassium in the blood
Hypophysis the pituitary gland
Leukocyte a colorless cell that circulates in the blood and body fluids and is involved in counteracting foreign substances and disease; a white (blood) cell
Leukocytopenia a reduction in the number of white cells in the blood
Myxedema swelling of the skin and underlying tissues giving a waxy consistency associated with hypothyroidism
Oxytocin a hormone released by the pituitary gland that causes increased contraction of the uterus during labor and stimulates the ejection of milk into the ducts of the breasts
Pineal a pea-sized conical mass of tissue behind the third ventricle of the brain, secreting a hormonelike substance in some mammals
Progesterone a steroid hormone released by the corpus luteum that stimulates the uterus to prepare for pregnancy
Steroids any of a large class of organic compounds with a characteristic molecular structure containing four rings of carbon atoms
Testosterone a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics, produced mainly in the testes, but also in the ovaries and adrenal cortex
Thyroiditis inflammation of the thyroid
Created by: lrhamyWTI