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WTI Comp Ch. 11

Mosby's Chapter 11: Bulk Compounding and Non-sterile Compounding

What is considered a compounding activity? Mixing , reconstituting, packaging
Which dosage form is prepared using the punch method? Capsules
The water portion of saline solution is called the: Solvent
GMP means: Good manufacturing practice
What PPE and procedure is necessary when manually repackaging? Gloves , laboratory coat, and hand washing
What should be done with pill trays that are used for guiding tablets into unit-dose containers after each use? Clean with alcohol
What are some reasons why a patient would need a compounded medication? A compound medication is no longer manufactured by a drug company, a specialized dose is needed, or the patient is allergic to something in the manufactured form
USP <795> sets the standards for which dosage forms? Ointments, elixirs, and suppositories
What is true concerning beyond-use dating of compounded non-sterile products? The BUD of the final compound can't exceed the exp date of any of the separate components. No non-sterile compound product can be assigned a BUD longer than 6 mos. unless documented. A topical formula containing H2O has a 30-day max BUD unless documented.
What is used for mixing compounds? Mortars, pestles, spatulas, and automated ointment mill
What is true regarding a class A balance? It is also called a torsion or class III balance, it's required by most states’ boards of pharmacy, and it uses special milligram and gram weights for counterbalance.
The minimum weighable quantity for a class A balance is _____ mg. 120
For continuity of measurement with a class A balance, the weights are always placed on the: Right side on a weighing boat or paper
The proper and accurate way to read a graduated cylinder is: At eye level and the bottom of the meniscus
What is the smallest volume that can be accurately measured with a 100-mL graduated cylinder? 20 mL
When combining two or more ingredients that have different melting points, the ingredients are: Melted from the highest to the lowest melting point
Suppositories can be prepared using which methods? Hand-rolling, compression, and fusion-molding
Which compounding additive maintains the dispersion of finely divided liquid droplets in a liquid vehicle made from two or more immiscible liquids? Emulsifying agent
Where does a technician log information concerning the contents of a particular product that has been compounded? Compounding record
What information should appear on a Unit Dose Record Log Sheet? Date prepared, drug name, dosage form, drug manufacturer, manufacturer’s lot number, pharmacy lot number, pharmacy beyond-use-date, technician’s initials, and pharmacist initials
Created by: lrhamyWTI