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WTI Comp Ch. 12

Mosby's Chapter 12: Aseptic Technique

What percent isopropyl alcohol should be used when cleaning a horizontal laminar airflow hood? 70
CSP stands for: Compounded sterile preparations
What is the term for the opening of a needle? Bore
When a chunk of rubber from a stopper is found in a vial, what has happened? Coring
What should a technician do if he or she touches the needle to anything unintended in the hood? Discard it, and replace it with a new one.
PCA stands for: Patient-controlled analgesia
Health care-associated infections are also called: Nosocomial infections
Pharmacies that prepare compounded sterile preparations must research, create, and document their standard operating procedures (SOPs) for ______ regulations. USP <797> / <800>
Why do many hospitals contract out intravenous (IV) preparations? Complying with the new USP <797>/<800> rules regarding IV preparation areas is an enormous expense.
Which type of hood provides the most protection for the preparer? Glove box
Work in a horizontal flow hood should be performed at least _____ inches inside the hood. 6
MDV stands for: Multi-dose vial
Regardless of how much is left in the IV bag, hyperalimentation solution must be changed at least every _____ hours. 24
What is true regarding sharps containers? They are required for the disposal of needles and syringes, they should be replaced when two-thirds full, and they must be picked up or delivered to an approved red bag or medical waste treatment site.
An IV bag that is infused over a specified amount of time but is not given IV push is called an: IV drip/infusion
The most common gauge size(s) used for preparing IV medications is/are: 16, 18, and 19
An area exposed to air or touch, such as a vial, needle, or ampule, is called a: Critical site
A room that has a lower pressure than surrounding rooms is called a ___________ pressure room. negative
What special consideration(s) must be addressed when preparing a nitroglycerin (NTG) IV? It must be placed in a glass container.
How many Risk Levels exist under USP <797>? 3
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