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WTI Med Terms Week 9

Medical Terms Week 9

Astigmatism a form of visual impairment in which part of an image is blurred due to an irregularity in the dome-shaped curvature of the front surface of the eye, the cornea
Cataract a clouding or loss of transparency of the lens in the eye as a result of tissue breakdown and protein clumping
Blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids
Adenectomy excision of a gland
Cyanosis a physical sign causing bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood
Androgen a male sex hormone that promotes the development and maintenance of the male sex characteristics
Coronary Bypass a form of bypass surgery that can create new routes around narrowed and blocked coronary arteries, permitting increased blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle
Cardiomegaly abnormal enlargement of the heart from either hypertrophy or dilatation
Cortisone a naturally occurring adrenocorticoid hormone that is produced in minute amounts by the adrenal gland
Cretinism a usually congenital abnormal condition marked by physical stunting and mental retardation and caused by severe thyroid deficiency
Cardiac Arrest a sudden stop in effective and normal blood circulation due to failure of the heart to pump blood
Diabetes a condition in which the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin or cells stop responding to the insulin that is produced, so that glucose in the blood cannot be absorbed into the cells of the body
Bradycardia a slower than normal heart rate
Dwarfism short stature that results from a genetic or medical condition
Blepharoptosis an abnormal, low-lying upper eyelid margin (drooping eyelid)
Created by: lrhamyWTI