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McCoy giver part 1

Questions from your study guide

What is Jonas's father’s job? Nurturer
What is Jonas’ sister’s name? Lily
What happens at the Ceremony of 12? The 12s receive their job assignments
What quality does Jonas think Gabriel's eyes have that other people's eyes don't? depth
Why does Jonas have no idea what his assignment might be? He has done his volunteer hours in many different places.
What events were included in Roberto’s Ceremony of Release? 1) The telling of the person’s life (2) The toast (3) The chanting of the anthem (4) The person makes a goodbye speech (5) Other people make speeches wishing them well (6) The person bows and walks through the special door in the releasing room
What happens to the newchildren during the yearly ceremony? They get their name and are assigned to a family
What distinguishes the Sevens from the younger kids? Their jackets button in the front
What do the Nines get at the yearly ceremony and what does this represent? They get bicycles that represent freedom
List the characteristics for the Receiver of Memory. Courage, wisdom, intelligence, integrity, and the ability to see beyond.
How do Jonas' parents react to his selection as Receiver? They are proud of him
What stuns Jonas so much about the instructions he is given? Jonas is stunned that his rules are only one page, he has no recreation time, he is exempted from rudeness, and that he can lie.
What happened to the girl that was supposed to have been trained for the Receiver of Memory job? No one knows
What do Jonas’ rules say about taking medication? He cannot take any medication related to his job
What was the final rule on the rule sheet? Why does the final rule surprise Jonas so much? He can lie. It surprises him because truth is a major part of their community.
Why are The Receiver’s doors locked? So he can have privacy
The Receiver holds the memories and experiences of almost everyone and everything in the past. (True or False) TRUE
Describe the memory of snow. What new words does Jonas learn? Sled, runners, hill, snow, sunshine
Why was it so exhausting for The Receiver to give Jonas the memory of snow? He had to pull it from many generations back.
Why is there no longer snow? It made it hard for crops to grow
When Jonas asks what happened to things like snow, the Receiver calls it... Sameness
Why did the leaders go to “sameness?” To protect people from making the wrong choices.
What happens to the memory once the Giver gives it away to Jonas? The Giver no longer has the memory
What memory does the Receiver transmit to give Jonas an example of pain? The Giver transmits a sunburn to Jonas as a memory of pain.
Since Jonas is now the Receiver, what does the former Receiver call himself? The Giver
Even though Jonas is forbidden to talk about his training, he thinks, even if it were not, it still would have been impossible to discuss things with his friends. Why? Jonas thinks it would be impossible to talk to his friends about his training because they wouldn’t understand any of it.
What weird thing keeps happening to Jonas? The Giver told him that Jonas was experiencing _________. color
What does Jonas conclude is the reason for the Sameness? Jonas concludes that the community went to sameness because people might make a mistake.
To help Jonas understand the concept of color, the Giver wants to give him the memory of a __________. rainbow
Does the Giver agree with the community’s decision to get rid of color? No
What red things has Jonas seen so far? apple, books, sled, etc.
Can The Receiver have a spouse? Why would it be difficult for Jonas to have a spouse? Yes but it is difficult because he wouldn’t be able to truly share his life with her.
When the previous successor to The Giver failed, what happened? When she failed, the previous successor’s memories were released to the community and the citizens were confused and felt pain.
What makes Jonas feel "desperately lonely"? Jonas feels desperately lonely because he can’t talk to anyone about his training and he is the only one to experience pain.
The Giver tells Jonas that the memories of pain and suffering give them ____________. wisdom
Why does the Receiver have to hold all the painful, terrible memories? The Receiver has all of the painful memories so everyone won’t have to be burdened with the pain.
Based on the Giver’s advice, why didn’t the elders decide to allow birthmothers have four babies instead of three? The Giver had an overwhelming feeling of hunger.
What does Jonas do to soothe Gabriel? Jonas accidentally gives Gabe a memory of a sailboat.
In chapter 15, what was wrong with the Giver? The Giver was in terrible pain.
What was the memory the Giver gave him to relieve some of the pain? The Giver gave Jonas a memory of war to relieve some of his pain.
Created by: mrsmccoy1

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