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Hersey Idioms

Must Know Idioms Unit - Tobias

barking up the wrong tree directing efforts towards wrong person
crocodile tears fake sadness
goody two shoes someone who tries to be perfect
under the weather not feeling very well
smart cookie extremely intelligent
heard it through the grapevine heard something via gossip
cool as a cucumber to act very calm
no bones about it absolutely no doubt
knee jerk reaction to act or speak without thinking
a piece of cake very easy
on the fence can't decide
on cloud nine extremely happy
to clam up to refuse to talk
a couch potato someone who sits around and does hardly anything
on your high horse stuck up
hit the hay go to bed
a wild goose chase sent to do something that is a hopeless task
green with envy extremely jealous
dressed to the nines dressed very fancy
top banana the boss
bend over backwards to do something extremely kind and accommodating for another person
sick as a dog to be very ill
tie the knot to get married
when pigs fly it will never happen
Created by: tobiashersey



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