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Middle East Test

oasis a isolated area of vegetation in a desert surrounded by a water source
sheikh an Arab leader in a Muslim community or organization.
Bedouin an Arab semi-nomadic ethnic group of the deserts
caravan a series of camels carrying passengers or goods
Makkah a city in the Hejaz in Saudi Arabia
kaaba a building in the center of Islam's most sacred mosque
Muhamaad the central figure of Islam
Madinah a city in the Hejaz and the capitol of Saudi Arabia
Quran the central text for Islam (Bible for Islam)
caliph a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet
Umayyad the second of the four major Arab caliphates
Damascus the capitol and the largest city of Syria
sufis the inner mystical dimension of Islam
Indonesia a sovereign transcontinental country located in Southeast Asia
Timbuktu a historical city in West African nation of Mali
Shiites a branch of Islam which holds the Islamic prophet Muhamaad
Sunnis the largest denomination of Islam
mosques the Muslim house of worship
bazaar market place
Mamun the Abbasid caliph
al-Razi one of the best known Muslim chemists
Ibn Sina a Persian doctor
Omar Khayyam a persian poet
Ibn Khaldan a great Muslim historian
minaret an architectural structure of mosques used for the Muslim call of prayer.
muezzin someone who calls the Muslim prayer five times a day
What are the 5 pillars? Describe them? Shahada, Salaat, Ramadah, Zakkaat, Hajj
Know the Map of the Middle East ............................................................................................................................................
Created by: lukecp

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