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Weathering & Erosion


weathering the breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface into smaller pieces
erosion the process of moving weathered rock and sediment from one place to another
deposition the dropping or settling of eroded materials
sediment sand, bits of rock, fossils, and other matter carried and deposited by water, wind, or ice
glaciers a huge sheet of ice found in a cold place. They slowly change over time.
boulder A large rock, typically one that has been worn smooth by erosion
sand dune a hill of sand built by wind or the flow of water
canyon a deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream flowing through it
ice carvings grooves made in rock or soil as a glacier moves over land
weathering or erosion? monuments broken down by rain over years weathering
Weathering or erosion? structures being dislodged (loosened) due to ground breaking underneath them weathering
Weathering or erosion? Cliffs washing away from waves erosion
Weathering or erosion? Beaches washing away from ocean water erosion
Weathering or erosion? Soil nutrients lost due to them washing away from too much rain erosion
When _____________ move rocks over one another at the beach, this causes rocks to break into smaller rocks (eventually making sand). This is a time of ________________ caused by swiftly moving water. waves, weathering
When water inside cracks in rocks freezes and eventually breaks rocks, this type of weathering is called ______ _______________. ice wedging
This type of weathering grows into the cracks of sidewalks, eventually splitting it further. plant roots
This type of erosion occurs when sand from the beach is WASHED INTO THE OCEAN, due to waves crashing agains the shoreline. sea erosion
This type of erosion occurs when landslides happen after the land has been weakened by weathering. wind erosion
This type of erosion occurs when moving glaciers carry away the surface of the land. glacial erosion
This type of deposition deposits sediment into deltas. water
This type of deposition deposits sediment as glaciers move. ice
This type of deposition deposits sediment into ocean bedrock. water
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