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Unit 3

weathering the breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface into smaller pieces
erosion the process of moving weathered rock and sediment from one place to another
deposition the dropping or settling of eroded materials
sediment sand, bits of rock, fossils, and other matter carried and deposited by water, wind, or ice
glaciers a huge sheet of ice found in a cold place. They slowly change over time.
sand dune a hill of sand built by wind or the flow of water
canyon a deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream flowing through it
weathering or erosion? monuments broken down by rain over years weathering
Weathering or erosion? structures being dislodged (loosened) due to ground breaking underneath them weathering
Weathering or erosion? Cliffs washing away from waves erosion
Weathering or erosion? Beaches washing away from ocean water erosion
Weathering or erosion? Soil nutrients lost due to them washing away from too much rain erosion
run off rainfall that is not absorbed by soil and travels to the ocean
water cycle the changes to water when it evaporates into the air, condenses into clouds, and then precipitates down to the earth
atmosphere The mixture of gases the surrounds the Earth
ground water Water that is stored underground
cave A landform created by groundwater dissolving rock near Earth’s surface
rift valley A depression between mountains slowly carved by water
plateau A large, flat block of land that is higher than its surroundings formed where plates collide
volcano A place where hot gases, ash and melted rock come out of the ground onto the Earth’s surface
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