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Stage 34 Vocab

Cambridge Stage 34

auctor creator, originator
me auctore at my suggestion
damnare to condemn
dum while, until
exstinguere to extinguish, put out, destroy
gaudium joy
haud not
modo just
obviam ire to meet, go to meet
pendere to hang
priusquam before, until
procul far
quasi as if
tenebrae darkness
ultio revenge
vel or
vestimenta clothes
adipisci to obtain
comitari to accompany
conari to try
conspicari to catch sight of
egredi to go out
hortari to encourage, urge
ingredi to enter
loqui to speak
mori to die
nasci to be born
pati to suffer
precari to pray (to)
proficisci to set out
regredi to go back, return
reverti to turn back, return
sequi to follow
accusare to accuse
frangere to break
progredi to advance
Created by: MagistraHay