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Stage 32 Vocab

Cambridge Stage 32

addere to add
adversus hostile, unfavorable
res adversae misfortune
aequus fair, calm
aequo animo calmly
appellare to call, call out to
avis bird
casus misfortune
componere to put together, arrange, settle
conatus having tried
conducere to hire
convertere to turn
effundere to pour out
ignoscere to forgive
labor work
libertas freedom
ne...quidem not even
nihilominus nevertheless
opprimere to crush, overwhelm
otiosus at leisure, idle, on vacation
pauper poor
profectus having set out
quia because
quidam a certain
secutus having followed
strenue hard, energetically
subvenire to help, come to help
sumptuosus expensive, lavish, costly
verus true, real
re vera in fact, truly, really
mensa table
nec and not, nor
nec...nec neither...nor
Created by: MagistraHay