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2.02 Vocab

Technological Innovations Part 2

Ergonomics the science of designing equipment and environments to promote human health, safety and well being
Assembly Line in factories, an arrangement in which the product being made moves from one workstation to the next while parts are added
Standardization in manufacturing, an agreement on a uniform or common size for certain parts
Multinational Corporation (MNC) a corporation that is registered and operates in more than one country at a time
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) manufacturing done with the aid of computer programs that help tie all the phases of manufacturing (planning, production, and control) together to make a unified whole
Automation a manufacturing process where all or most of the processes of production are self-controlled by electronic devices eliminating the need for manual labor
Emerging Technology innovative methods and new technologies that are developed and put into use to give companies a competitive advantage.
Robotics the development of machines that can perform tasks previously done by humans. Examples: elevator operation, aircraft autopilot system, industrial manufacturing, etc.
Craft a production process performed by individuals, possessing specialized occupational skills, primarily manual ones such as: metalworking, woodworking, pottery, and sewing, etc.
Mass Production using labor and machinery to produce goods in large quantities
Statistical Process Control in manufacturing, a technique based on mathematics that is used to improve a production process by reducing the amount of variation between products in the manufacturing process
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