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Level III Exam

Full Heat manifestations thirst, feeling of heat, some mental restlessness, red face, dry stools, scanty dark urine. Rapid Full Pulse, red tongue w. yellow coating
Deficient Heat/Empty Heat manifestations Feeling of heat in the afternoon or evening, a dry mouth with a desire to drink in small sips, dry throat at night, night sweating, five palm heat, dry stools, scanty dark urine, floating-empty, rapid pulse, red-peeled tongue
Lung Qi Deficiency Key Symptoms: Sob, weak voice, empty pulse, spontaneous daytime sweating
Wei Qi Deficiency causes a weakening of the body’s defenses against EPF, person will be prone to catching colds frequently, will always tend to feel easily cold, as the Defensive Qi Xu fail to warm skin and muscle
Heart Qi Deficiency symptoms SOB, Pale face, Palpitations--tiredness
Lassitude-state of physical or mental weariness, lack of energy Qi Deficiency
Hiccups Qi Rebelling
Distending pain Qi stagnation
Which 3 organs have the closest r/t menses Spleen, Kidney, Liver
Kidney is the origin of menstrual blood
Liver regulates blood in the uterus
Spleen is the Root of Post Heaven Qi
The time belonging to Yang within Yin is Afternoon
Middle age pt has HA, painful jts, nasal obstuction, rhinorrhea, itching of throat, cough, thin expectoration, aversion to cold, thin white coat, superficial tense pulse Li 20, Gb 20,SJ 5. St 40, Lu 9. Ub 13. Du 13, St 40
Ub 13 level with Du 12 Ub 13, 1.5 cun lateral, T3, Back Shu point of Lung
Dang Gui Tonifying herb and blood, invigorates blood, regulates menses, alleviates pain, moisten intestines
Tao Ren Blood regulator, invigorate blood, dispels stasis, moisten intestines, stops cough and wheezing
Xing Ren Transform phlegm, stops coughing, calms wheezing, moistens intestines, unblock bowels
Ma Men Dong Tonifying Herb,Tonify Yin-Nourishes St, Sp, Heat, Lu Yin, Clr heat, quiet irritability, moisten intestines
Huang Lian Clr heat, dry dampness, cools heat, drains fire, dries dampness
Huang Qi Clr heat dry dampness, cool heat, dry dampness, stop bleeding, quiets fetus in pregnancy-
Huang Bai Heat, Dry Dampness, directs fire downward, clr D-H in lower burner,
Da Huang downward draining purgavtives-purges clumped heat in Intestines, cools blood, removes blood stasis, can stop bleeding,
Zhi Zi Heat Drain Fire-resolves constrained heat, directs D-H downward and out via urine, cools the blood, breaks up toxic accumulations.
Consumption of fluid in Li frequently causes Dry stools, Dryness in mouth, Constipation, Dryness of throat
B12 Deficiency Anemia, Neurologic dysfunction
B 2 Riboflavin Deficiency rare but causes cuts in the corner of the mouth
Swollen tongue which is deep red in color is excessive Heat in Ht and Sp
Yin Xu of Ht and Liv palpitations dizziness, blurred vision, insomnia, poor memory, pale tongue Swollen tongue
Dampness and phlegm Lu chronic cough w. profuse white sputum, thick sticky white tongue coating,
A distending pain moving from place to place is a typical sign of Qi Stagnation
Tx a patient w. cough who spitting blood or even coughing blood Lu 6, Ub 17
Lu 6, Kong Zui, Collecting Hole Xi Cleft Point, On the palmar of the forearm, 7 cun above transverse crease of wrist (Lu 9---Lu 5), Energetics: Clear heat, stops bleeding
Ub 17 Ge Shu, Diaphargam Shu level w. Du 9, 1.5 cun lateral to T7, the influential point of blood for coughing of blood
Body fluid has the fx of NOURISHING, , Body Fluid moistens and nourishes various parts of the body
Points that cause strong sensation are contraindicated in what type of patients pregnant
In the whole body, Zang organ and front aspect are all YIN
Pathogenic cold can invade which 3 organs directly St, Intestines, Uterus
An exterior syndrome can be differentiated by presence of An exterior syndrome can be differentiated by presence of
Organ that dominates water Kidney, control urination, influence Lower Burner’s excretion of fluids
Lung 7 Lie Que, Broken Sequence Luo Connecting point , pt for HA, migraine, neck rigidity, cough and asthma, proximal to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above transverse crease of wrist
RU XIANG Blood invigorater-promotes movement of Qi, stops pain, generate flesh, reduces swelling, relaxes sinew
LONG YAN ROU has the fx of nourishing blood or calming the shen
. Which point is located at the posterior 1/3 base of the triangular fossa . Which point is located at the posterior 1/3 base of the triangular fossa
Patient in your clinic has problems. w. soft lump in ab, which type of herb would you consider for this problem? Salty herbs-substance purge and soften
scanty menses, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness or tingling of limbs, dull pale complexion T: Red w.o coat P: empty-floating, sl rapid Liv Yin Xu
UB2 and Yin Tang should be punctured With fingers pinching skin
UB 2 Zan Zhu Collecting Bamboo On the medial extremity of the eyebrow, in supraorbital notch
Women w. heavy bleeding or prolonged bleeding menses is caused by Women w. heavy bleeding or prolonged bleeding menses is caused by
A geographic tongue is a signs of Consumption of Qi and Yin of the St
Electro acup is contraindicated for PACEMAKERS
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