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NBA Basketball

Do you know all the facts?

What does NBA stand for? National Basketball Assocation
What happen to Michael Jordan when he wore is own shoes? He got fined
How tall was the tallest NBA player? 7 foot 7 inches
What did a NBA player do to protect his family? Killed a Lion
What is Shaq's shoe size? 24-EEE Biggest in NBA history
Who has the most fouls in NBA history? Rasheed Wallece-He has 317 technical fouls
What was the lowest scoring game? Pistons vs Minneapolis-The score was 19-18 the game was in 1950
The first one to shatter a back board did what to it? While they were warming up before a game he went to take a foul shot and it shattered
How long was the drout for Cleveland? 52 years
What did they do after every basket in the beginning of the NBA? Jumpball
What NBA player eats left handed and writes left handed? LeBron
How much money do the NBA dancers get every game? 50$-150$ A game
How many 3 pointers did Shaq make in his career? 1
What famous shoes were banned in the NBA? Jordan 1s
What percent of players are broke after 5 years of retirement? 60%
How many blocks did the shortest player ever get? 39 blocks
How old was the youngest NBA player? He was 18 years old
How old was the oldest NBA player to win a championship? 43 years old
When the bulls played in a championship why did they not play a 7th game? they had a 6-0 lead
What was the NBA finals called until 1983? The National Basketball World Series
Why were the the Heat vs Thunder the first ones to have no ______ at the end ?Fill in the blank In the Heat vs Thunder 2012 finals game they were the only finals game match for both teams to NOT have a S at the end.
What conference has more title East or West? East Conference has more titles
What teams since 1999 have not won a title? Spurs,Lakers,Celtics,Mavs,or Heat have one
How many days did LeBron miss school? 82 out of 160 days he missed
What did Qyntel Woods use as a I.D.? He used his Basket ball Card
What is Arthur Cox lll nickname? Chubby-Fun fact he w is related to Kobe he is his half brother
Created by: lillywolfe