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P waves Fastest waves that arrive first, compressional, don't do any damage.
liquefaction process where soil becomes saturated with ground water
tsunami earthquake beneath the sea
number of deaths in haitian earthquake 160,000
Divergent Plumes of magma rise and this movement triggers earthquakes. eg Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Continents can also split apart causing a strong earthquake eg. African Rift Valley
Behaviour of animals No scientific evidence however animals can feel p waves
Historical records General prediction. Once ever 100 years = 10% chance per decade
Measuring rock stress Most reliable- strainmeters,tiltmeters,GPS,foreshocks
Height of 2011 Japanese tsunami 39m
How far did the waves go inland into Japan 10km
Nuclear Power Plant in Japan Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Amount of death in Japanese earthquake 18000
Amount of building destroyed in Japanese earthquake 130000
Cost to repair Japan from 2011 earthquake 200 billion
Amount of buildings damaged in Japanese earthquake 1 million
Amount of aftershocks that hit Japan 1000
Greatest magnitude of Japanese aftershocks 7.9
Created by: 201617B