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Bryz Ch. 11 Med Term

Medical Terminology Chapter 11 Terms - Updated

blephar/o eyelid
-cusis hearing
irid/o iris, colored part of the eye
kerat/o horny, hard, cornea
myring/o tympanic membrane, eardrum
ophthalm/o eye, vision
-opia vision condition
opt/o eye, vision
ot/o ear, hearing
phak/o lens of eye
presby/o old age
retin/o retina, net
scler/o sclera, white of eye, hard
trop/o turn, change
tympan/o tympanic membrane, eardrum
audiometry Use of an audiometer to measure hearing acuity
cataract Loss of transparency of the lens that causes a progressive loss of visual clarity
Cerumen Ear wax
cochlear implant Electronic device that bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve
conjunctivitis Pinkeye, inflammation of the conjunctiva that is usually caused by an infection or allergy
Convergence When the eyes simultaneously look towards each other
Enucleation Surgical removal of the eyeball
Extraocular In reference to points outside of the eyeball
exotropia Walleye, strabismus characterized by the outward deviation of one eye relative to the other
fluorescein angiography Radiographic study of the blood vessels in the retina of the eye following the IV injection of a fluorescein dye as a contrast medium
glaucoma Group of diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure that causes damage to retinal nerve fibers
hyperopia Farsightedness, defect in which light rays focus beyond the retina
iritis Inflammation of the uvea affecting primarily the iris and the structures in front of the eye
Lacrimal Canal Overflowing of this make your tears appear!
Macular Degeneration Gradually progressive condition in which the macula at the center of the retina is damaged, resulting in the loss of central vision, but not total blindness
mydriasis Dilation of the pupil
myopia Nearsightedness, defect in which the light rays focus in front of the retina
nystagmus Involuntary, constant, rhythmic movement of the eyeball
Optician designs, fits, dispenses lenses for vision correction
optometrist Holds a doctor of optometry degree and provides primary eye care
Otalgia Earache
photophobia Excessive sensitivity to light and can be the result of migraines, excessive wearing of contact lenses, drug use, or inflammation
ptosis Drooping of the upper eyelid that is usually due to paralysis
scleritis Inflammation of the sclera
sensorineural hearing loss Nerve deafness, develops when the auditory nerve or hair cells in the inner ear are damaged
Stapedectomy Surgical removal of the top portion of the stapes bone and insertion of a small prosthetic device known as a piston that conducts sound vibrations to the inner ear
strabismus Disorder in which the eyes point in different directions or are not aligned correctly
Scotoma Blind spot
Visual Field Testing Also known as perimetry, measuring the peripheral vision
xerophthalmia Dry eyes, drying of eye surfaces, including the conjunctiva
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