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Flavin AP105 Final

AP 105 Final Exam Review Flavin 2016

WBC White Blood Cells
RBC Red Blood Cells
Epiphysis The end of a bone.
Blood consist of: Water, Plasma & Protein.
Arteries carry: Oxygen rich blood leaving the heart going to the body.
Veins carry: Deoxygenated blood heading back to the heart.
Superior means: Above or over
Inferior means: Away or down
Lymph _________________ swell and become larger when the body is fighting bacteria or infection. Nodes
The heart is divided into how many chambers? 4
Leukocytes are WBCs that fight ______________. Infection
Hematology is the study of ______________. Blood
The right atrium and ventricle receive dirty blood or pump oxygenated blood ? Receive dirty blood
MI stands for: Myocardial Infarction or heart attack
Cardio means: Heart
The size of your heart is the size of your ___________________. Fist
The average adult body contains how many liters of blood? 4-6 L
Severe chest pain is described as _____________. Angina
The SA node aka as ________________. Pacemaker
An inadequate number of RBCs is known as ______________. Anemia
Hemoglobin Fills the RBCs and transports O2 & CO2 between the body and the cells.
Anatomy means: Study of the structure.
Physiology means: Study of the functions.
The anatomical position is: Standing straight up with arms at side and palms forward.
The relative constancy of the body's internal environment is referred to as: Homeostasis
Scoliosis is when the spine curves _______________. Side to side like an "S"
Abduction means to _______________. Take away
A CVA is a ____________. stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident)
Platelets are responsible for _______________. Clumping and clotting.
Plasma is made up mostly of _________________. Water
Hematopoiesis is the ______________ of new blood cells. Formation
Hemolysis is the _______________ or damage to the blood cells. Destruction (if you shake a tube rather than invert gently)
T Tonsil & Adnoidectomy
The _______________is an organ of the lymphatic system ? Liver &/or spleen
The humerus is the __________ bone. Upper arm bone
The largest bone in the body is the _________. Femur
The Integumentary system is the __________ organ. Largest
The sternum has a small bone at the end. Its called: Xyphoid
When doing CPR the palm of your hands should be on the______. Sternum
The collar bone is aka __________________. Clavical
The term distal means: Furthest away
The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of the: Upper extremeties
An example of a typical homeostatic mechanism in the body is a/an: Negative feedback loop
Phalanges are aka ________. Digits
An example of a metabolic bone disease is: Osteoporosis
The three major types of muscle tissue are: striated, smooth, and cardiac
WBC will be elevated if the patient has an ____________. Infection
Tachycardia is: Fast heart beat
EKG is: The test used to evaluate the hearts function
The aorta is the main _____. Artery
Created by: Iteach4Docs